About the Project Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Project Management

​​Project Management is responsible for overseeing large and/or critical information technology projects across the executive branch, with the goal of mitigating risk while averting avoidable delays that could lead to increased spending. Project Managers use their knowledge of critical planning and organizational activities to assist state agencies in successfully shepherding IT projects to completion. These individuals understand overall agency missions, information technology project objectives, computer application functionality, elements of each critical-success path, and overall project management best practices.

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In November 2019, COT introduced Project Online as the reporting standard to streamline and standardize reporting on IT projects across the Commonwealth to the CIO. Project Online is accessible by project managers (internal or vendor) as well as agency leadership and select team members as desired by individual projects. PMs must be licensed for Project Online and PowerBI, which can be requested via a service request to Project Management.

While teams may update Project Online as frequently as desired, monthly reporting to the CIO of select data is a requirement. Data currently required to be reported falls into the following categories:

  • Official Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Sponsoring agency (Cabinet)
  • Partnering agencies (if applicable)
  • Project Timeline (proposed start and finish date)
  • Project Owner (person managing the project)
  • Project Health (identify the health of the budget, scope and schedule)
  • Project Status Description
  • Risks (futuristic threats to the project)
  • Issues (current problems jeopardizing the project)
  • Project Schedule (project percent complete is derived from the schedule and milestones are recorded)
  • Project Phase (Requesting, Initiation, Planning, Execution, Closing and Completed)
  • Funding Source (General Fund, Agency Bonds, Capital IT Project Funds, Restricted Funds, Federal Funds, Road Funds, Ky Reclamation Guarantee Funds, Other)
  • Actual Costs vs. Implementation Budget Cost (both relating to Vendor Labor, KY Resources, Software, Hardware, IV&V)

Project Online includes collaboration and reporting functionality that can be leveraged by project teams above and beyond what is required to be reported to the CIO.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services

IV&V is the review of a project by an independent third party (outside the project team reporting hierarchy) to verify that the requirements are correctly defined and to validate that the system correctly implements the required functionality. CIO-103 requires Commonwealth agencies to collaborate with the Project Management on a project risk assessment before the agency formally approves any IT project of such size and complexity that it requires reporting to the CIO. The risk assessment will determine the level of IV&V, if any, required for that specific project.

For more information about IV&V within the Commonwealth, including a list of FAQs, please visit the IV&​V page.​


Project Management provides ​support and guidance to the government IT project manager community for those who are new to the field or wish to improve their skills. 

If you have specific PM training needs, please contact the vendors. Their contact information can be found he​​re.


​Project Management supports events that allow project managers from different Cabinets/Agencies to meet and network. These events include:

​​Project Management Resources

The list below contains resources that may be helpful to project managers. This is not a comprehensive list.