Enterprise Architecture and Kentucky Information Technology Standards (KITS)

​​​​​The Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing strategic information technology directions, standards, and enterprise architecture, including implementing necessary management processes to assure full compliance with those directions, standards, and architecture. This specifically includes but is not limited to directions, standards, and architecture related to the privacy and confidentiality of data collected and stored by state agencies.

Kentucky Information Technology Standards (KITS) cover the broad spectrum of technology environments to include software, hardware, networks, applications, data, security, access, communications, project management and other relevant architecture disciplines. KITS are aligned with the Federal Government's Federal Enterprise Architectural Framework (FEAF) version 2. This framework identifies and describes the Business Reference Model (BRM), Infrastructure Reference Model (IRM), Application Reference Model (ARM), Data Reference Model (DRM), Performance/Metrics Model (PRM) and the Security Reference (SRM) components of the enterprise via reference models. 

Historically, Kentucky Enterprise Architecture Standards (EAS) were categorized by domain and category and specified over 100 Commonwealth standards. Generally, Enterprise Architecture Standards align with a corresponding Kentucky Information Technology Standard, however, in some instances a legacy Enterprise Standard may be reflected in multiple KITS as a result of alignment with FEAF taxonomy.​
​​Kentucky Information Technology Standard Navigation

KITS are continuously reviewed and revised by the KITS Coordinator. The approved version of the Standards is listed below.

KITS ​Library

The KITS library is a pdf file that reflects all existing Commonwealth KITS. It can be browsed or ​searched (word search will search all fields).