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Wireless Access Point

Wireless Networking (Access Point Based)
DW10 Monthly, per Wireless Access Point 

The DW10 rate provides secure wireless access into the Kentucky Information Highway (KIH) Intranet zone, and for guest and vendor access to the Internet. 
The KY-secure network is designed to provide secure wireless access for state controlled equipment. Utilizing Active Directory and the security zone design of the Commonwealth's networks, wireless users can be logically placed behind their agency's firewall, eliminating the need for a separate VPN connection. This allows the wireless users to be controlled by the agency's firewalls in a network that is separate from the traditional wired equipment. Active Directory groups can be utilized to restrict wireless access to select groups of users. 
The KY-guest network is designed to provide wireless Internet access to guests and vendors of the Commonwealth. This network restricts traffic, and utilizes a Captive Portal to require users to login for access. Access to this network is granted via a self-registration portal and user passwords are delivered via SMS or email. 

DW10 includes the following SERVICES
Hardware/software maintenance and/or replacement costs associated with the wireless access points and basic functions are at no additional cost to the agency. Redundant wireless controllers are included with this service. Hardware failures of core equipment shall be replaced as required at no expense to the agency. Hardware failure resulting from abuse shall be subject to pass-through charges to the agency

DW10 To Initiate Service or Report a Problem with this service
Please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk:
  • ​24x7 reporting service at 502-564-7576. Toll free support number: 800-372-7434
    Note: Requests received after normal business hours will be addressed the next business day, unless deemed critical or previously identified as a 24 x 7 facility
  • Via e-mail 
To request DW10 resources, visit and use the self-service portal. A valid COT billing number is required. 

DW10 Additional Service Clarifications
Any infrastructure failure, cabling, or facilities maintenance is not covered by this rate. Facility audits, cabling, mounting services, and site surveys may be requested via the CSD, and will be charged to the agency at the appropriate hourly rate. Customers of this rated service must have a connection to the state’s network and must be subscribers of the appropriate DC10 or DC30 rated services. Wireless service may not be advisable at sites where bandwidth is at 1.5Mb/s or where DSL is used. Wireless access points require a switch that provides Power over Ethernet (PoE). If a PoE switch is not available at the site, current customers of the LN10 rated service may request one to replace an existing switch at no additional cost. Non-consolidated agencies must provide a PoE capable switch. COT can advise as necessary. Agencies in which COT does not manage DHCP, must provide COT with an IP address that never changes (statically assigned or reserved). The hardware lifecycle/ technology refresh cycle shall be determined by COT.


Wireless Access Point (WAP)DW10$55 / Per WAP / Month

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