Agency Equipment Address Update Request

Agency Equipment Address Update Request can be used to modify an address for equipment that is billed to an agency.

Agency Equipment Custodian Update Request

This form should be used to request a custodian update to Commonwealth Office of Technology owned equipment.

Agency Equipment Pickup Request

This form allows agencies to request physical pickup of equipment from a particular location.

Computer and Accessories Order Guide 3.0

Request for desktop, laptop, monitors, virtual desktop, tablets.

Hardware Request

Request for a Desktop, Laptop, Monitors or Tablet

Mobile Phone Request

Request for Mobile Phone (add/modify/terminate line) and Accessories.

Printer Access

Request access to a specific printer.

Scanner Access

Request access to a specific Scanner.


Establish accounts, hardware, software, and telephony services of a Desk Phone for an employee.

AD Group Access

Add/Modify/Remove user access to existing AD Groups. This Request is NOT to be used to Request Server or Database Access.

EAS Access Request

Request for the creation, modification or deletion of an EAS Account.

EBI Access Request

Self-service request for agencies to request a new EBI user account, modify or delete an EBI user account. Access to the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) platform. It is not necessary to fill out the EBI Form as it is built into this request offering.

EIM Portal Access

Request for Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) Portal Authorization Access. Requires Director Approval

Email Distribution List

Add, Modify, Remove users to Email Distribution List

Files/Folders/AD Group Access 2.0

Add/Modify/Remove user access to existing Shared, Group and Home Files/Folders.

Home Folder (U Drive)

Request Add/Remove Home Drive (U Drive)

Mainframe Request

Request for access to the Commonwealth's Mainframe Systems.

Microsoft Teams Request

Request MS-Teams group to be created

MOVEit Access Request

Request account and automation workflow actions within the MOVEit platform

Multi-Factor Authentication Token

Request for token assignment tasks involving multi-factor authentication tokens used for state government resources.

Task Order Agreement (COT-F010)

Form to document information for contractor resources using the System Development Services (SDS) contracts.

Data Center Equipment Installation Removal Request Form (COT-F059)

Data Center Equipment Installation Removal Request Form

Production Print Service (COT-F070)

Production Print Services Request Form

Forensic Investigations Request form COT-F182 (COT-F182)

This form is required to request assistance on Investigations, litigation, and Open Records (ORR). The completed form can be sent to to be processed. All requests are subject to the CS50 and FS10 rate of service.

Paging Service (COT-F205)

Form to request a pager from the contracted paging providers.