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Wide Area Network (WAN) Circuit

​​DC10 Wide Area Network (WAN) Circuit
The DC10 rate is applicable to each Wide Area Network connection

The Kentucky Information Highway is a statewide telecommunications and information network developed by Kentucky state government.  The MPLS backbone that supports the KIH provides resiliency/fault tolerance within the network, as well as increased security by virtually segmenting the WAN based on Agency/Dept. needs. Today, over 1,500 sites are inter-connected across the state including Executive Branch Agencies, local government entities, and health departments. The KIH is managed by the Commonwealth Office of Technology Core Network Operations Branch, which is responsible for the design, implementation, and support of the KIH infrastructure. The core of the KIH network is located at the Commonwealth Data Center and is comprised of multiple enterprise and carrier class switches connected by Gigabit Ethernet. The KIH connects all 120 counties through a Wide Area Network (WAN) utilizing high-speed data circuits via a MPLS network.

DC10 Includes the following SERVICES
Access to the Internet
Domain Name System (DNS)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Application hosted on the state’s Intranet
Agency/Department LAN based systems and servers
Other servers on the network (with the approval of the agency)
WAN equipment configuration, installation, troubleshooting and support
Network management/monitoring
Equipment repair/replacement

DC10 To Initiate Service or Report a Problem with this service
Please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk:
  • ​24x7 reporting service at 502-564-7576. Toll free support number: 800-372-7434
    Note: Requests received after normal business hours will be addressed the next business day, unless deemed critical or previously identified as a 24 x 7 facility
  • Via e-mail 
To request DC10 resources, visit and use the self-service portal. A valid COT billing number is required. 

DC10 Additional Service Clarifications
These services are provisioned, configured, installed, and supported by COT, providing value added services (configuration, support/troubleshooting, monitoring, and security) allowing agencies to concentrate on the deployment of key business solutions that relate directly to their business model. The cost for providing and supporting these services is rolled up into the Agency's monthly bill. Each site connected to the state’s network is billed for the following two charges: 1) Data circuit, 2) COT Data Communications (DC) rated service. The data circuit charge is the contractual amount charged by the Telephone Company to COT based on the size of the line/service. This amount along with the appropriate taxes and fees is "passed through" to the Agency as part of each site's monthly bill. The DC charge supports each site's access to the KIH-3 network. DC charges also offset costs associated with providing Internet access, security enhancements including Internet firewalls, and network management and monitoring services. COT provides software and hardware maintenance at no additional charge to the Agency, as part of the DC charges described above.


Network Connectivity 0-25 Mb/sDC10$280 / Per Circuit / Month

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