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KIOSK Internet Connection

​Data Communications KIOSK Internet Connection
DC20 Monthly, per Cellular Internet Connection

Kiosk Internet connection provides Internet service using the nearest available cellular signal. The DC20 service can only function for locations with adequate cellular signal. Cellular connections speeds vary widely and cannot be guaranteed, due to dependency on cellular signal strength and changing cellular bandwidth availability. This connectivity option provides cellular Internet connectivity for kiosk-style scenarios, typically intended for 5 or fewer staff. This is a non-State-network connection for non-mission critical work. No branch office tunnels will be configured for this connectivity option.

DC20 Includes the following SERVICES
The Internet
Public Domain Name Service (DNS)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
WAN equipment configuration, installation, troubleshooting and support
Network management/monitoring
Enterprise Service Desk support for all services listed
Equipment repair/replacement

DC20 To Initiate Service or Report a Problem with this service
Please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk:
  • ​​24x7 reporting service at 502-564-7576. Toll free support number: 800-372-7434
    Note: Requests received after normal business hours will be addressed the next business day, unless deemed critical or previously identified as a 24 x 7 facility
  • Via e-mail 
To request DC20 resources, visit and use the self-service portal. A valid COT billing number is required. 

DC20 Additional Service Clarifications
These services are provisioned, configured, installed, and supported by COT, providing value-added services (configuration, support/troubleshooting, monitoring, and security) allowing agencies to concentrate on the deployment of key business solutions that relate directly to their business model. The cost for providing and supporting these services is rolled up into the Agency's monthly bill. The DC charge supports each site's access to the Internet. DC charges also offset costs associated with providing Internet access and network management and monitoring services. COT provides software and hardware maintenance at no additional charge to the Agency as part of the DC charges described above. COT provides a SIM card installed in the cellular router. 


Network Connectivity - < 5 staff (non-state NW)DC20$100 / DC- Kiosk / Month

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