​​​​​​Independent Verification & Validation (IV & V)
Vendor Request for Project Services (RPS) Process Steps

IV&V Services are available via four vendors listed below​.  IV&V Contracts are effective as of April 5, 2022 through April 4, 2024 with (4) optional (1) year renewals.​  The requesting agency shall develop a Request for Project Services (RPS). This RPS shall define the scope of work and technical requirements as well as any other detailed information. 

The requesting agency shall email the completed RPS to the COT IV&V Contract Administrator listed in Section 6 of this process for review and approval PRIOR to sending to the awarded IV&V vendors.  

After COT approval of the RPS, the requesting agency shall email the RPS to all four awarded IV&V vendors requesting a written Statement of Work (SOW) including proposed cost.  A deadline for submission must be included in the RPS. The vendors’ responses shall be submitted to the agency, via email, by the requested deadline.

After receipt of the vendors’ responses, the requesting agency is encouraged to engage in interactive discussions with the vendors throughout the review and selection process.  Such discussions must be documented and conducted with all respondents. These interactive discussions provide an opportunity for the agency to clarify requirements and business needs and for the vendors to clarify the applicability of their proposed solution to meet the agency’s business needs.  

The requesting shall determine and select the vendor who best meets the requirements of the RPS based on the vendors’ RPS responses and any discussions.  The requesting agency shall submit selection documentation to the COT IV&V Contract Administrator listed below for review.  The documentation should include selection criteria, justification for the selection, the respondents’ responses and a draft SOW.   The COT IV&V Contract Administrator shall retain these documents for monitoring and contract utilization purposes.

COT IV&V Contract Administrator
Kari Welch, Executive Director
Commonwealth Office of Technology
Office of Architecture and Governance
(Please copy Stephanie R. Williams, COT Contracting Officer, stephanier.williams@ky.gov)

After COT’s review and approval of the selection documentation, the requesting agency can contact the selected vendor and  finalize the proposed SOW, including customized project plans, resource and timing requirements, performance measurements, rate structures (if applicable), and project costs.  Costs shall be based on the vendor’s contracted hourly rates.  

The requesting agency shall email the COT IV&V Contract Administrator the final SOW for final review and approval.  

After COT’s final review and approval of the final SOW, the agency must submit a Strategic Procurement Request (SPR1) to include the final SOW and the email from the COT IV&V Contract Administrator documenting approval.   

After SPR1 approval, the agency shall contact the Office of Procurement Services (OPS) and request a contract modification in order to add the SOW to the contract.  This must be done before any work on the project is initiated.

Agencies are required to utilize COT to facilitate in the execution of this process.  Additionally, COT will provide monthly reviews of selected IV&V vendor work, and will monitor and approve monthly invoices.

PROJECT PRICE ADJUSTMENTS: Unless otherwise specified, the prices established by the signed SOW resulting from an RPS shall remain firm for the life of the project subject to the following:

  • Change Orders - Changes to SOW fixed pricing shall only occur at the Commonwealth’s discretion. Change orders should not exceed 10% of the total project costs unless approved by an Agency Authority.
The Commonwealth reserves the right to reject any proposal in accordance with the applicable laws of the Commonwealth.

Note: Overall, the requesting agency will hold the role of Product Sponsor, however vendors will receive a Request for Project Services (RPS) detailing the project needs and any additional specific roles the requesting Agency or COT will be providing for the specific project.  Due to the nature of these projects, the roles may vary project to project, as outlined in the vendor’s contract. 

Berry Dunn McNeil and Parker
MA 758 2200000387
Charlie Leadbetter
2211 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04102

Maximus US Services Inc
MA 758 2200000388
Ellen Thompson, VP
1891 Metro Center Drive
Reston, VA 20190

Software Engineering Services
MA 758 2200000389
Brittany McNair
1311 Fort Crook Road, Suite 100
Bellevue, NE 68005

Ernst & Young LLP
MA 758 2200000390
Gabriel (Gabe) Sanders
155 N Upper Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606


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