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Project Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​COT’s Project Management employs staff that are skilled in program/project management and portfolio management tools and techniques. Project Management ​staff can assist agencies in selecting projects and managing their project portfolios. Project Management​ staff can also serve as the project manager for an entire project or for only those portions of a project for which COT has specific responsibility.

CS20 Includes the following SERVICES
Project Management provides the following Services:
  • ​Project Start-up – Assign temporary project managers during project initiation when internal project managers are unavailable. When an agency project manager becomes available, the project will be handed off to the agency.
  • Program/Project Assistance – Provide project management services to projects that are near deadline and need assistance to meet that deadline.
  • Program/Project Assessment – Review a project or program (and the program’s projects) by interviewing key project staff and gathering and analyzing information about the project. The information gathered is used to determine the project’s status, including whether the project is meeting its objectives, whether the project is on schedule, and whether the project is over budget. Information gathered is used to determine what corrective actions should be taken, if any.
  • Project Management Personnel – Assign project managers, program managers, and assistant project managers to projects. This service may be used by Cabinets when internal project management expertise is lacking.
  • Application Portfolio Assessment – Provide a high-level assessment of all applications within a Cabinet, Office, or Department. Then determine if specific applications should be assessed.
  • Portfolio Management Services – Provide a process of selecting projects that have the highest return on investment for the Commonwealth to help meet its strategic goals. 
​Project Management provides the following Portfolio Management services for Capital IT projects and IT projects that are applicable to multiple cabinets:
  • ​Business Case Analysis – Review project requests and candidate projects to ensure they will meet business needs. This service is similar to the Capital Planning Process.
  • Project Portfolio Assessment – Provide a high-level assessment of all projects within a Cabinet, Office, or Department. Then determine if specific projects should be assessed.
  • Project Tracking and Oversight – Track the status and progress of all projects within an agency.
  • Project Debriefs – Provide presentations regarding a project to the stakeholders or other groups.


Project ManagementCS20$95 / Hour

COT provides project management consulting services to match your business needs. Our services include new project startup, program/project assistance, independent assessment, and providing project management personnel to Commonwealth cabinets and agencies. Our project management professionals are well-versed in multiple methodologies and will help to minimize cost and risks in executing strategic plans and roadmaps. We keep project information organized and secure by leveraging enterprise portfolio program management tools and platform to store the required project documentation and for everyday management of the project, while ensuring that project deliverables are risk managed, effectively budgeted, and delivered in a timely manner. In addition to this, we offer business case analysis, project portfolio assessment, project tracking and oversight, project debrief, and application portfolio assessment for Capital IT Projects and IT Projects involving multiple cabinets and agencies. No project is too big or too small.

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CIO-103 Independent Verification and Validation Policy

Establishes controls related to the management of information technology (IT) projects within the executive branch of the Commonwealth. The controls provides guidance in decision-making and practices that optimize resources, mitigate project risk, and maximize return on investments.

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