Active Directory Self Service Access

​​​Self Service Password Reset

ing COT Self Service Password Reset

This guide assumes you have already registered for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) with 2 authentication methods​​ previously. If you have not already registered, this page will walk you through how to set up your methods.
Click here for instructions.

There are two methods available for accessing the new SSPR portal.

State Issued Workstation Prompt:​

Enter your Username or Email address and complete the captcha and click next.


On the next page, you will see two options. The first option “I forgot my password”, will allow you to reset your password. The second option “I know my password, but still can’t sign in” allows you to unlock your account. With this second option, you know your password, but your account may be locked due to several invalid password attempts during login.


Once you select an option and click next you will see a two-step verification page. This page will allow you to choose from a list of methods that you previously registered for SSPR. Two are required to complete the request to unlock your account or reset your password.


After verification you will be unlocked or able to set your new password depending on your selected option.


Contact the Commonwealth Service Desk if you are unable to use these features:

(502) 564-7576
(800) 372-7434