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The enterprise software reseller contract Insight Public Sector (Insight)(MA 758 2300000427​) provides for the purchase of commercial software through a flexible contract with provisions that should greatly reduce the need to issue future software solicitations. Major software publishers include Adobe, SAP, Citrix, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and dozens of others. The following is a list of the goods and services that will be available through a Commonwealth specific software portal supported by the vendor:

  • ​Commercial software licenses/media and software license renewals
  • Software maintenance
  • Packaged technical support service credits and incident resolution services
  • Agency/entity software purchases tracking, reporting and analysis
  • Licensing compliance tracking and assistance
  • Software administration services for current and future enterprise license agreements (ELA’s)
The contract was awarded as an “all state agency” contract that provides a purchasing option for the needs of the following major buying entities:

  • ​​Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, and Local Governments
  • Post Secondary Education
  • K-12

Vendor Contact Information
Kentucky Client Executive 
Amy Hazzard -
Phone: (480) 687-6689 -​ Toll Free: (800) 467-4448 

Quoting and Inquiry
Kentucky Support Team –
Toll Free: (800) 467-4448


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