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​​SharePoint is a collaborative file repository with a limited workflow engine. How agencies use SharePoint varies, but it mainly houses draft documentation, support documentation, procedures, etc. Typically, documents stored here are for medium and long-range collaboration, but not necessarily for holding permanent records or the master copy of agency records.​

SharePoint has options that can meet your needs:

  • SharePoint On-Premise
    • SharePoint on-premise is the commonwealth option for those who are looking to share information with individuals who are not within the ky.gov domain.
    • If you have a custom database that you would like to connect to, or would like to use custom programming, SharePoint on-premise is a good fit for your needs.
  • SharePoint Online
    • SharePoint Online is the preferred solution for intranet sites and information shared between groups within the ky.gov domain.
    • Going online opens up the option to use the power platform to transform the way you use and work with your documents. You can collaborate together on documents in real-time and create custom forms to hold other data within the platform. 
  • PowerApps
    • ​PowerApps is a rapid application development platform built on Microsoft's power platform. It can be used to create simple forms for customer use within a SharePoint Online site.​
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