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Printed Pages


Printed Pages
CP10 Billed per 100 Pages Printed, per month

COT defines a page, identified as an image by industry standards, as 66 lines with or without print on a single sheet of paper. Post Script and .pdf formats are preferred. Please contact COT Production Print for approval of other formats. 

COT uses Xerox inkjet presses for large volume color and black & white production, along with a low-volume Xerox toner-based device capable of black & white print only. COT supports 8 1/2 x 11 (letter), 8 1/2 x11 (Three-Hole Punch), and 8 1/2 x 14 (Legal) stocks included in the rated service. Additional stocks, such as perforated paper, labels, and card stock are available for production at an additional charge or through customer supply. Delivery to the agency customer, Finance Postal Services, or other local destination is included in the rated service.

CP10 Includes the following HARDWARE/SUPPLIES 
20 lb Letter (8.5 X 11) paper stock 
20 lb Letter (8.5 X 11) 3-hole punched paper stock
20 lb Legal (8.5 X 14) paper stock 
Full color or black & white
Stapling, rubber banding and boxing (Contact COT Operations to discuss limitations) 
Additional paper stocks available. Agency may be required to provide stock
For additional clarification, contact  or 502.564.7946

CP10 Includes the following SERVICES 
24x7x365 on-site COT staff accommodating customer print and delivery deadlines
After-hours Support: Contact COT Printing Services Branch at (502) 564-7946
Forms Creation: Creation of user-requested "static" electronic forms for printing z/OS Mainframe data
Network Capability: Captures and prints large-volume network-based jobs
Output Delivery: COT staff distributes hard copy materials to Postal Services or agency mailstop locations on the following schedule: Mon-Fri, 7:30am, 9:30am and 1:30pm, with deliveries outside this schedule accommodated.

CP10 To Initiate Service or Report a Problem with this service
Contact the Printing Services Branch:
  • ​24x7 Phone support: 502-564-7946

Customer must complete COT-provided form F070 after initial consultation.


Printed PagesCP10$4 / 100 Pages

The CP10 Rated Service provides a Mainframe and Distributed Systems output print solution for all Commonwealth agencies. The CP10 rate is six cents per page or $6.00 per 100 pages. A page is understood to be a single printed side of one document sheet. Included stock sizes are standard letter, three hole punch letter, and standard legal. Limited color print is also included in the rate. Any questions should be directed to the Branch at

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