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​​The COT Office of IT Architecture and Governance provides the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System.  OnBase is a great fit for those groups that are looking for a full-fledged document management solution. Originally created for hospital administration, this solution is both secure and robust.

Built on the OnBase by Hyland platform, the ECM provides scanning, storage, and retrieval of paper documents, as well as importing, storage, and retrieval of electronic files.  It manages workflow by routing documents to queues custom-designed for individual business area needs.  The ECM also provides electronic forms, electronic signatures, auto-redaction, and auto-routing capabilities.​​​

Enterprise HR System​​

We also offer through our partners in the Personnel cabinet an enterprise HR system. This system was created to facilitate agency HR teams managing their personnel master file. This system has very little upfront cost but opens up many opportunities for your agency.

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