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Client Computing Developer Laptop Bundle

​​CC45 Client Computing Standard Developer Laptop Bundle
CC45 Billed per endpoint, per month.
*All current hardware inventory must be depleted before new hardware is ordered.

CC45 includes endpoint hardware and operating system with customer responsible for additional costs.
If agencies elect to upgrade hardware beyond the standard CC45 service, they will be moved into the appropriate rated service that meets the hardware requirements.
All endpoint computer equipment will be owned and inventoried by COT. All original equipment and accessories must be returned to COT at the end of use, or a residual value fee will be assessed

CC45 Includes Support for the following Software
Microsoft Windows Enterprise Operating System, does not include training
Microsoft 365 Applications for Enterprise, does not include training
Antivirus Protection

CC45 Minimum Specifications Description
Intel® Core™ i9-13900H vPro (24 MB cache, 14 cores, 20 threads,
2.60 GHz to 5.4 GHz, 45W)
Operating System(s) Windows 10 
Hard Drive M.2 512 GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive 
Memory 32 GB, DDR5, 4800Mhz SODIMM Memory 
Video Card NVIDIA RTX 2000 Ada Generation, 8GB GDDR6​
Display 15.6" FHD 1920 x 1080, non-touch, RGB HD Camera
Wireless Intel AX211, WiFi-6E + Bluetooth 5.2
Keyboard Wired Keyboard English Mouse Wired Mouse 
Thunderbolt Docking Station
No External Speakers

*Hardware specifications subject to change without prior notification due to industry changes in hardware configurations. 
*When available, existing hardware may be re-deployed under this rate and could deviate from the published minimum configurations for newly procured hardware. 
*Agencies enrolling in this rated service are bound to the full-term commitment of the hardware or may be subject to early termination\restocking fees

CC45 Includes the following SERVICES
Installation of the Commonwealth-standard Windows Operating System.
Hardware and operating system software configuration management.
Connectivity to the Commonwealth's private network.
Remote control support and installation capabilities
Standard imaging at the time of installation.
Setup, installation of included software, configuration, preventative maintenance, upgrades, and patching.
Malware and Spyware protection
Centralized procurement, vendor billing/payment, inventory activities.
Hardware replacement cycles will be at the discretion of COT

CC45 To Initiate Service or Report a Problem with this Service
Please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk:
  • ​Phone support: 502-564-7576 · Toll free support number: 800-372-7434
  • Via e-mail
To request CC45 resources, an Agency Approved Contact must visit and use the self-service portal. A valid COT billing number is required.
Commonwealth Service Desk is available M-F 6:30am -6pm & Sat - 7:30am – 1pm. (502) 564-7576\ toll-free (800) 372-7434.  Emergency Support is available after normal business hours by calling the numbers above or 502-564-8760.

CC45 Additional Service Clarifications
Remote assistance will be the first level of support. If the problem cannot be solved an onsite technician will be deployed to a state office location. 

Hardware and software provided will meet the Enterprise Standards in effect at the time the hardware is procured, unless upgraded at COT’s discretion.

Agencies are responsible for meeting normal environmental and power requirements as defined by equipment manufacturers. 

For COT support these services require appropriate remote network band width for both customer use and remote support.

Agencies are responsible for working through COT to acquire appropriate network storage space to ensure Commonwealth data is not stored on local device hard drives. 

* In assuming responsibility for infrastructure management, COT tracks the physical location of the IT asset provided in this service category.  Agencies needing to relocate the asset should contact COT to coordinate any move of the equipment.  Moves may incur additional charges.  Agencies assume all responsibility for equipment damage that occurs during unauthorized moves.

Agencies will incur a cost for equipment replacement under the following conditions:
Upgrade: When a COT approved system upgrade or replacement occurs at a time other than during a planned refresh, the device will move to the appropriate rated service.

Lost or Stolen Equipment: It is the agency's responsibility to report lost or stolen equipment immediately to the Commonwealth Service Desk. In cases of theft, a valid police report is required.   Replacement fees will apply.

Damaged Equipment: It is the agency's responsibility to report equipment damage immediately to the Commonwealth Service Desk. Equipment damage not covered under warranty (i.e., water damage, cracked screens or cases) will result in repair/replacement fees charged directly to the agency.

Relocation of a device: Relocating a device will result in additional charges. **Note: Hourly installation fees will be assessed for agency moves to recoup personnel charges.

*Peripherals: Batteries (1 year manufacturer’s warranty), battery chargers, docking stations, and other peripherals are considered consumables and are the customer's responsibility after the manufacturer's warranty expires or if the items are not returned to COT with the rated service device.

Agencies will NOT incur an equipment replacement charge under the following conditions:
New Device: COT will cover the cost of the standard device configurations under this service when a desktop device is procured and installed. At that point, the monthly service rate will start for the device.

Refresh: When a system is refreshed as part of the refresh cycle, the items listed above apply.  When the device is acquired and installed, the monthly rate will continue.

Equipment Failure: When a trouble ticket is issued by a user and the technician determines replacement of the device is warranted, an available device may be used as a loaner until the original device is repaired/replaced. Factors considered when determining whether replacement is warranted include but not limited to user down time, the criticality of the service the user provides in their job duties, and technician time required.


Client Computing - Developer Laptop BundleCC45$95 / Month

This rated service is applicable to agencies that participate in the Commonwealth Office of Technology's managed client support services. The CC45 service model is tailored toward a developer laptop bundle. COT offers a managed developer laptop service for agencies to help meet their software development needs for their agency. This rated service applies to hardware standards for Developer laptops as defined in the rated service description. If agencies elect to upgrade hardware beyond the standard CC45 service, they will be moved into the appropriate rated service tier that meets the hardware requirements. Agencies enrolling in this rated service are bound to the full term commitment of the hardware or may be subject to early termination\restocking fees. *All current hardware inventory must be depleted before new hardware is ordered.

Agency Equipment Address Update Request

Agency Equipment Address Update Request can be used to modify an address for equipment that is billed to an agency.

Agency Equipment Custodian Update Request

This form should be used to request a custodian update to Commonwealth Office of Technology owned equipment.

Agency Equipment Pickup Request

This form allows agencies to request physical pickup of equipment from a particular location.

Computer and Accessories Order Guide 3.0

Request for desktop, laptop, monitors, virtual desktop, tablets.

Hardware Request

Request for a Desktop, Laptop, Monitors or Tablet

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