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Change Management

​The ​Change Management Branch has central ownership and responsibility for COT’s IT Change Management practice. The Branch is tasked with developing and overseeing processes by which changes to the IT environment may be assessed, approved, communicated, and implemented in a prompt and effective manner, and in alignment with applicable standards.  These processes seek to identify and mitigate the risk of each change; to prevent unplanned service disruptions resulting from poorly planned or ill-timed changes; and to promote repeated success over time by documenting change outcomes.

COT personnel, as well as our agency partners may benefit from several resources provided by the Change Management Branch. The Forward Schedule of Changes​ (FSC) compiles approved, scheduled changes in a calendar view for easy, at-a-glance reference. The Daily Report and Update Meeting (DRUM), held each weekday morning, allows COT teams to present timely information on active Incidents, Problems, Changes, or ongoing projects for COT’s collective benefit. Finally, the Customer Advisory Meeting (CAM), held weekly on Mondays, provides a forum for COT to communicate planned changes to representatives from our partner agencies, allowing them to raise questions regarding predicted impact or voice any scheduling concerns.

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CIO-101 Enterprise IT Change Management Policy

Establishes controls for the effective management of changes to IT systems.

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