​Box is a cloud-based storage repository, with a 5GB storage limitation per user, that allows users to store and share files securely and collaborate on supported devices. This platform allows uploading through drag-and-drop or native upload functionality. Users can create files and folders, preview and edit documents, and share with other Box users.

Agencies should use Box as a storage platform for static documents that are typically stored in a network file share, or when using an application with built-in APIs for Box (e.g., Salesforce). These documents should not contain sensitive data (e.g. information containing personally identifiable information, FTI, or documents that are required to be HIPPA compliant).

We have two types of accounts for BOX, one paid and one unpaid. Please see below for the functionality and costs associated with Box:

  • Box is a cloud service much the same as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. It allows 2 main ways of sharing content with users, Share Links and collaborators.
    • Share Links are URLs that point directly to folders and/or files in Box. These share links allow users to preview and/or download content. Share Links can have expiration dates and passwords if needed.
    • Collaborators are users that can upload, edit, search, download, and preview content in Box. Collaborators require a Box account and must sign in to Box using a username and password.
  • The cost of Box will depend on your use case. Below is the breakdown:
    • Share Links are always free of charge for Commonwealth employees(internal) and external users. They are free because they don’t require a Box account. Think of Share Links as sending a link to a photo in Google Photos or a file in OneDrive. The user at most can only preview and/or download the content.
    • Collaborators as mentioned earlier require a Box account. For internal users, there is a charge of 307.97 (as of FY22) per year per collaborator. Collaborators that are external to state government can sign up for a free Box account and no costs will be incurred.​
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