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Monitor 20"

​​CM10 Monitor Hardware Rate
CM10 Billed per peripheral, per month.
Monitors have a much longer life span than CPUs. As such, monitors will be used and remain deployed until end-of-life at which time they will be replaced under standard configuration guidelines. Monitors that meet the standard specifications (new or used) will be leveraged for this service. 

CM10 Includes the Following Hardware
20” Monitor

CM10 To Initiate Service or Report a Problem with this service
Please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk:
  • ​Phone support: 502-564-7576 · Toll free support number: 800-372-7434
  • Via e-mail
To request CM10 resources, an Agency Approved Contact must visit and use the self-service portal. A valid COT billing number is required.

Commonwealth Service Desk is available M-F 6:30am -6pm & Sat - 7:30am – 1pm. (502) 564-7576\ toll-free (800) 372-7434.  Emergency Support is available after normal business hours by calling the numbers above or 502-564-8760.

CM10 Additional Service Clarifications
Monitors that fail to meet enterprise standards will be upgraded.

Multiple Monitors for one CPU: If users require the use of two plus monitors this will result in a CM charge for each additional monitor.

Non-standard monitors: The request for non-standard monitors must be justified and will be placed in the appropriate CM rate. The customer will incur a pass-through charge for the different between the rate and the cost of the monitor. Requests for non-standard devices must be submitted by an Agency Approved Contact via ServiceNow using the self-service portal A valid COT billing number is required.

Agencies will incur a cost for equipment replacement under the following conditions:

Upgrade: When a COT approved system upgrade or replacement occurs at a time other than during a planned refresh, the device will move to the appropriate rated service.

Lost or Stolen Equipment: It is the agency's responsibility to report lost or stolen equipment immediately to the Commonwealth Service Desk. In cases of theft, a valid police report is required.   Replacement fees will apply.

Damaged Equipment: It is the agency's responsibility to report equipment damage immediately to the Commonwealth Service Desk. Equipment damage not covered under warranty (i.e., water damage, cracked screens or cases) will result in repair/replacement fees charged directly to the agency.

Relocation of a device: Relocating a device will result in additional charges. **Note: Hourly installation fees will be assessed for agency moves to recoup personnel charges.


20" MonitorCM10$1 / Month

The CM10 service model accommodates a standard desktop 20" monitor.

Agency Equipment Custodian Update Request

This form should be used to request a custodian update to Commonwealth Office of Technology owned equipment.

Agency Equipment Pickup Request

This form allows agencies to request physical pickup of equipment from a particular location.

Hardware Request

Request for a Desktop, Laptop, Monitors or Tablet

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