Council Members

​Council Chairperson: Chuck Grindle, CIO  ​Commonwealth Office of Technology
Sandra Dunnahoo (ex-officio member)
Governor's Office for Local Development
​Kimberly D. Ezell ​Kentucky Association of Counties
​Terry R. Gill, Jr. (ex-officio member) ​Economic Development Cabinet
Buddhi R. Gyawali
Council on Postsecondary Education
​William Haneberg  (ex-officio member) ​Kentucky Geological Survey
​Robert Hewitt ​Kentucky Association of Counties
​Louis R. Hill ​American Planning Association, KY Chapter
Stephen R. Hogan (ex-officio member)
Department of Military Affairs
Elisabeth M. King
Kentucky League of Cities
William M. Landrum III ​(ex-officio member)
Finance & Administration Cabinet
​Wayne D. Lewis  (ex-officio member) ​Kentucky Department of Education
​Adam Meier  (ex-officio member) ​Cabinet of Health and Family Services
​Shane New ​Council of Area Development Districts
​Brent O'Neill ​Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
Don Parkinson (​ex-officio member)
Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet
Ryan F. Quarles (ex-officio member)
Department of Agriculture
​James K. Roberts ​Kentucky Association of Professional Engineers
Donna L. Schartung
Kentucky Board of Registered Geologists
John Tilley (ex-officio member)
Justice & Public Safety Cabinet
​Timothy Tong ​Kentucky Association of Land Surveyors
​Scott Young ​Kentucky League of Cities
Appointment Pending
Legislative Liaison (non-voting) 
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