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collapse Issuing Year : 2018 ‎(6)
0802 Independent Verification and Validation - Project Assurance8/23/2018109 KB
0801 Database Backup Retention8/7/201888 KB
0702 Video Conferencing Additional Options7/2/201896 KB
0202 - Wireless Network Access Transition2/26/2018264 KB
0201 - Best of Kentucky Awards - KY Digital Summit 20182/13/2018113 KB
0101 - Password Reset Self-Service Reminder1/3/2018175 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2017 ‎(10)
1203 - Workstation Power and Patching Reminder12/12/2017192 KB
1202 - Video Conferencing Service Transition12/11/2017199 KB
1201 - Finance Facilities UPS Work at Commonwealth Data Center12/6/2017149 KB
1001 - Video Conferencing Service Transition10/20/201794 KB
0801 - Mainframe As A Service Transition8/7/201741 KB
0601 - New SAP Business Objects Suite Support Provider6/30/2017219 KB
0301 - Windows 10 Application Compatibility Testing3/8/201755 KB
0201 - Best of Kentucky IT Awards - Call for Submissions2/3/201737 KB
0102 - Client Device Refresh Change1/30/201736 KB
0101 - Cloud Deployment Review and Approval Process1/26/201757 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2016 ‎(16)
1101 - Risk Assessment Policy12/5/201641 KB
1001 - Microsoft Office 2016 Upgrade10/11/2016143 KB
1002 - New Enterprise Email Encyrption Product10/11/201696 KB
0901 - Database Migration to LinuxONE9/16/201644 KB
0802- Chief Information Security Officer Appointment8/19/201634 KB
0801 - FY17-18 Rate and Service Description Changes8/16/201674 KB
0603 - Installation and Use of Open Source Software6/22/2016680 KB
0602- Enterprise Identity Management6/9/2016656 KB
0601 - Office 365 Initiative6/3/2016692 KB
0401 - Desktop Security Upgrade4/21/2016540 KB
0105 - Best of Kentucky IT Awards Opportunity2/18/2016546 KB
0106 - Fax2Mail Transition (Follow Up)2/18/2016380 KB
0104 - Identity and Access Management Policy2/16/2016708 KB
0103 - Oracle 11g (End of Extended Support)2/15/2016618 KB
0102 - Microsoft SQL 2005 Server (End of Support)2/12/2016623 KB
0101 - Active Directory Reorganization Project1/20/2016559 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2015 ‎(27)
Rated Service for Tablets12/30/201589 KB
New Enterprise Computer Standard12/30/2015137 KB
End of Support for Key Enterprise IT Components12/29/201587 KB
New Information Technology Standards Policy12/21/201588 KB
Fax2mail Transition12/11/201588 KB
New requirements for accessing equipment at CDC11/30/2015111 KB
Uninterruptable Power Supply Installation11/9/201534 KB
Planning under way for COBOL code generating software upgrade11/2/201598 KB
PKI Migration and Upgrade10/2/201534 KB
FileNet Statement of System Management9/14/2015174 KB
Microsoft Sunset Date for IE, .NET Framework9/10/2015114 KB
Kentucky Information Technology Standards8/3/2015197 KB
Windows 107/28/2015172 KB
Software Sunset Policy7/6/2015175 KB
Windows Server 2003 Support Ending July 147/1/2015125 KB
Advisory - Attachmate Removal6/19/2015175 KB
Enterprise Release Management Policy6/12/2015111 KB
Release Management - EZ - AAS6/11/2015226 KB
Nominations for annual NASCIO awards5/14/2015110 KB
New F181EZ Form5/4/2015174 KB
Nominations for annual CDG awards fast approaching4/22/2015111 KB
Enterprise Network Security Architecture Policy4/8/2015113 KB
Enterprise IT Policy CIO-085 Revised3/18/2015175 KB
Capital Planning Reminder2/19/2015185 KB
Billing for long-distance services to resume2/10/2015176 KB
Upcoming Windows Server 2003, Internet Explorer Sunset Dates2/3/2015108 KB
New State Law Requires Agencies to Take Action1/9/2015111 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2014 ‎(12)
New IT Asset Procurement Policy12/15/201481 KB
Fax2Mail Desktop Solution Now Available12/15/2014132 KB
New COT office locations11/10/201487 KB
Service Request Maintenance10/30/2014189 KB
Implementation of Enterprise Header and Footer for Public-Facing Agency Websites10/13/2014147 KB
Electronic Records Day Oct 1010/2/2014186 KB
Security Seminars Slated for October10/2/201433 KB
COT Billing Corrections9/5/2014139 KB
Active Directory Self-Service5/27/2014149 KB
New educational security video4/30/201485 KB
System scan advisory4/30/2014108 KB
Rated Services FY15-FY163/20/201481 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2013 ‎(13)
New Enterprise Security Policies10/9/201386 KB
New Rated Service Offerings for Oracle and SQL10/2/201386 KB
Cybersecurity Awareness Month9/19/201384 KB
Intrusion Prevention System Blocking7/30/201393 KB
Managed Print Services Object Code7/9/201388 KB
Attachmate Instructions5/23/201381 KB
Attachmate5/3/201329 KB
Alternate Data Center update4/16/2013100 KB
Managed Print Services3/25/201329 KB
PKI Upgrade and Migration3/22/201329 KB
Information Security Incident Response Policy3/8/201384 KB
Kentucky Information Highway 32/21/201382 KB
New WSCA contract for wireless service2/1/201381 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2012 ‎(9)
Exchange 2010 OWA upgrade10/3/201284 KB
COT hosting IT security awareness seminars9/25/201292 KB
New Wireless Network Access Rated Service Offering (DW10)7/27/201289 KB
Microsoft Exchange Upgrade7/17/201254 KB
REMINDER - COT Rates for FY 2013-20146/15/201291 KB
052412 - AGENCY CONTACT MEMORANDUM - Used computers available5/24/201250 KB
iPad data plan discount4/18/2012104 KB
Wireless Network Upgrade2/9/201260 KB
New COT-F181 Staff Service Request Form available1/6/201265 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2011 ‎(13)
Phone dialing changes for Frankfort-based employees12/22/201162 KB
State BlackBerry Enterprise Server to require passwords on devices beginning Nov. 1511/3/201166 KB
Active Directory Upgrade 10-14-1110/14/201165 KB
COT to host seminars aimed at increasing IT security awareness9/16/201195 KB
BlackBerry data plan changes 08-11-118/11/201131 KB
Reduction in Storage and Backup Rates for Open Systems8/9/2011124 KB
Active Directory Upgrade7/15/201167 KB
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