Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

​October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  During October 2022, COT offered several ways for state staff to engage in cybersecurity events. 

COT management sponsored four drawings for cybersecurity event participants and one drawing from among those with highest participation entries. 

​Congratulations to all the winners!

$50 Gift Card Winner (drawn from a pool of 52 persons with high participation)
  • ​​Wilhere, Karen (KDVA/THVC)
​$25 Gift Card Winners (each drawn from all possibl​e entries).
  • Holbrook, Mick (KYTC-D10)
  • Higgins, Angela K (ELC)
  • Kearns, Charles (DOR)
  • Sanderson, Ronnie N (KSP)​

Staff gained entries in the drawings in the following ways:

  • ​One entry could be gained for participation in each event of the virtual presentations listed below on this web page. 
  • One entry could be gained for replying to feedback requests sent to presentation participants after each sponsored session (from
  • One entry could be gained for each answer to security quiz questions emailed once a week throughout October 2022 (from  
  • One entry could be gained for each report of a phishing email during the month of October 2022 by using the Report Phish/ PhishAlarm button in Outlook or by sending the suspect email as an attachment to "COT Phishing Reporting" ( 
  • One entry could be gained for providing a cybersecurity suggestion to during the month of October 2022.


​​These companies participated in our Cybersecurity Awareness Month by providing webinars to state staff.   All webinars occurred in the past.


     Presentation “Fear, Greed, and Business – The Evolution of Ransomware”

     Presentation “How Hackers Can Spoil Your Milk”

     Presentation “Social Engineering:  The Art of Manipulation”


     Presentation “Our Threat Landscape”