Kentucky GIS Listserv

The Kentucky GIS listserv (KyGIS) promotes discussion of GIS-related subjects and is an effective tool for disseminating information throughout the GIS community. All listserv members may share information and announcements related to GIS issues, projects, and events by simply sending an email message to the listserv address, and there is no cost to participate.

The KyGIS Listserv currently includes over 300 participants representing local, state and federal government, educational interests, and the private sector.  To minimize SPAM and ensure that distributed content is relevant and appropriate, this listserv is moderated, and messages are reviewed prior to release.  Vendors should not utilize the listserv to market hardware, software, training, or services.  ​

To join the KyGIS Listserv, simply send us an email request​, including your name and organization. New members will receive an email confirmation containing instructions for submitting messages and email address changes. The names and email addresses of listserv members are not shared or exchanged with other entities, and you may cancel your participation at any time.