Products, Services & Billing Overview

Application Development Services 
COT offers Application Design, Construction, Testing and Implementation Services, as well as, Project Management, Quality Assurance and other Support Services.

COT offers an Enterprise level Address Service, Death Verification Service, Geocoding Service

Backup and Storage Services
COT offers a number of services associated with the storage and retrieval of data stored on disk (DASD), SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) and tape media.

Client Computing Support
COT offers a managed desktop device service for agencies to help meet their personal computing requirements.

COT Billing Information
COT strives to provide effective customer service.  The COT Billing site is offered as an informational guide to support customer understanding of their billing statement (e-Bill).  The site is also designed to furnish additional billing details to ensure agencies are well-informed regarding their account status.

Data Services, Business Intelligence and Content Management
COT offers the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Content Management System (ECM), the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) program, Data Support including cleansing, standardizing, validating, masking, and conversion, data modeling, data sharing, Information Governance and Business Glossary Services.

Data Communication Services
The Kentucky Information Highway (KIH-2) is a statewide telecommunications and information network connecting over 1500 Executive Branch agencies, libraries and local government agencies.

Disaster Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery (DR) provides infrastructure recovery so systems/applications can once again function following circumstances that prevent extended access to mission-critical technology systems.  DR focuses on IT and associated systems that support critical business functions, as opposed to Business Continuity (BC). DR is part of the larger BC effort, which involves keeping all essential aspects of a business functioning despite significant disruption.

Enterprise Server Processing
COT provides managed hosting solutions for mission-critical applications for State and local government agencies.

GovDelivery Services
COT provides the GovDelivery, cloud based, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution providing an automated system of email, text messages, RSS and social media notifications.

Messaging Services
COT has a number of Enterprise Messaging service solutions available to state government agencies.

Professional Services
COT offers a number of professional services to our customers to supplement your existing work force or to bring in a particular expertise for a period of time.

Security Services
COT offers a number of security services to the agencies in the protection of the Commonwealth.

UNIX Server Support
The COT UNIX Support Team provides support for servers running either the Solaris or AIX operating systems.

Voice Communications
COT partnerships with local telephone companies to offer PBX like services to Kentucky Government office locations, without requiring purchase of a telephone system.

Wintel Server Services
COT offers a number of Wintel Server support services that enable an agency to effectively and efficiently manage their Wintel environments.

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Agency approval is required when requesting COT Services. The Agency Contact Listing provides authorized Human Resource, IT Services, Compliance, and Security Contacts for each agency.

COT Services Assistance:

COT offers a variety of services and works hard to support the special needs of our customers. If you have questions about how to request a service or procure an IT item, please take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions.

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