Voice Communications

Many State office locations do not want to purchase and manage their own telephone system due to the capital investment, technical requirements and/or time limitations. COT partnerships with local telephone companies to offer PBX like services to Kentucky Government office locations, without requiring purchase of a telephone system. This is typically called a "Centrex" service within the industry. Since local dial tone service in the U.S. is already very inexpensive, Centrex is a very cost effective way to get the features of a PBX without having to invest in one.

COT also offers other voice communication services that compliment the Centrex offering. There are also calling card, Directory Assistance and Long distance service offerings. In addition, COT offers an hourly telecommunications installation and maintenance rated service that agencies can utilize when they need additional telecomm support.

Finally, COT offers a Voice Over IP (VOIP) service for agencies that are able, and desire, to utilize the Commonwealth Centralized Voice System.

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