Video Conferencing

COT Video Conferencing provides access to over 1,000 statewide interactive video sites. Interactive video (ITV) allows the customer to have real time communication with participants at another ITV site or multiple sites by using our bridging services. Conferencing is done over the internet and is known as H323 video conferencing, a worldwide standard.

The customer can request delivery of formal and informal instruction, professional development, administrative meetings, reenactments of historical events, public meetings, depositions, and continuing education. Video Conferencing is not limited to only Kentucky locations. COT provides out of state ITV connections on a regular basis. It's even possible to go to other countries. The participants are able to return to their workplace in a timely manner after attending an ITV meeting or training.

Codec Brands currently supported are Polycom and Cisco-Tandberg.

To report a problem with video equipment or request help with making a connection contact the COT Video Conferencing Help Desk at (502) 564-9411. Support staff are available Monday - Friday, 7:00am to 5:30pm.

All requests for a virtual meeting room should be sent via email request to

For equipment purchase and installation prices or questions please call (502) 564-9411 and ask for Steve Crisp, or email

COT-F060 Video Conference Request Form


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Service Rates:

COT Managed Videoconferencing Services are currently being provided at no additional charge to end users.


COT Video Conferencing Help Desk:

To initiate service or report a problem:



(502) 564-9411
Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:3