Service Rates & Descriptions

​FY 2019/20/21


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
CC10Client Computing Support - Tier 1 - desktop deviceDevice / mth$60
CC20Client Computing Support - Tier 2 - laptop deviceDevice / mth$65
CC30Client Computing Support - Tier 3 - laptop bundleDevice / mth$70
CC40Client Computing Support - Tier 4 - enhanced deviceDevice / mth$80
CC80Client Computing Support - Tier 6 - top tier devicesDevice / mth$99
CX10Virtual Application ServiceDevice / mth$10
DT10Desktop / Printer Support (No new offerings)Device / mth$55
DT20Laptop Support (No new offerings)Device / mth$70
VD10Virtual Desktop ServiceDesktop / mth$60
VD201 Extra CPU on a Virtual DesktopExtra CPU / mth$5
VD30Extra 2GB Memory on a Virtual DesktopExtra 2GB / mth$3
CM1020" MonitorMonitor / mth$5
CM2024" MonitorMonitor / mth$7


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
CP10Printed Pages100 Pages$6


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
CS10Application Development ServicesHour$95
CS20Project Management ServicesHour$85
CS30Technical Consulting & Database ServicesHour$85
CS40Out-of-Scope Client Computing ServicesHour$60
CS50Security ConsultingHour$85


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
DC10Data Circuit Support (speeds <= 25 Mbps)Circuit / mth$230
DC20Data Circuit Support - KiosksCircuit / mth$100
DC30Data Circuit Support - (speeds > 25 Mbps)Circuit / mth$960
DC40Data Circuits: Non-Traditional Connections (i.e. DSL)Circuit / mth$420
DW10Wireless Access Points (WAPS)WAP/ mth$60
FW20Application and Service Firewall ServiceFirewall / mth$7,500
LN10Local Area Network (LAN) Switch Ports24 ports/ mth$73
VP10Virtual Private Network (VPN) Useruser/ mth$5
VP50Virtual Private Network Site to Site Tunneltunnel / mth$285


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
MB10Office 365 & MailboxMailbox/mth$6


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
LX10LinuxOne Virtual MachineLPAR / mth$400
LX20Extra 1 CPU on LinuxOne Virtual MachineExtra CPU / mth$300
LX30Extra 1GB of RAM on LinuxOne Virtual MachineExtra 1GB / mth$60
MN10Mainframe batch processing CPU (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.)CPU hour$1,750
MN20Mainframe on-line transaction CPU (non-CICS)CPU min$50
MN30Mainframe batch processing CPU (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.)CPU hour$1,750
MN40Mainframe on-line transaction CPU (CICS application)CPU min$50
SQ10Windows SQL Database Virtual Machine (VM) ServerVM / mth$200
SQ201 Extra CPU on a SQL Database Virtual Machine (VM)Extra CPU / mth$30
SQ30Extra 2GB memory on a SQL Database Virtual MachineExtra 2GB / mth$10
UX10UNIX server Logical Partition (LPAR)LPAR / mth$500
UX30Extra 2GB memory on a Unix LPARExtra 2GB / mth$10
UX401 Extra CPU on a Unix logical serverExtra CPU/mth$20
WN10Window Physical ServerServer / mth$400
WN40Windows Domain Controller ServerServer / mth$200
WN50Windows Virtual Machine (VM) ServerVM / mth$115
WN60Extra 2GB Memory on a Window Virtual Machine (VM)Extra 2GB / mth$10
WN701 Extra CPU on a Windows Virtual Machine (VM)Extra CPU / mth$25


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
ST10Mainframe-connected Disk Storage megabytesMbyte / mth$0.005
ST30Mainframe-connected Tape Storage megabytesMbyte / mth$0.0008
ST40Mainframe-connected storage of reports100 pages$0.75
ST60Open Systems Disk Storage Gigabytes - High PerformanceGB/ mth$0.50
ST80Open Systems Disk Storage - GigabytesGB/ mth$0.20
ST90Open Systems Disk Storage - Backup GigabytesGB / mth$0.15


CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureFY 19/20/21 Rate
VC10Local Telephone LineLine / mth$30
VC40Equipment MaintenanceHour$75
VC50Long Distance MinutesMinutes used$0.03
VC60Voice -over-IP ServiceTelephone # / mth$20

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Discontinued Services 
as of FY 19/20

  • OR10 - Windows Oracle Database Server (VM)
  • OR20 - 1 Extra CPU on a Oracle VM
  • OR30 - Extra 2GB Memory on a Oracle VM
  • VC30 - Telephone Calling Card Calls

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