Professional Services

COT offers a number of professional services to our customers. These services can be utilized to supplement existing work force or to bring in a particular expertise for a period of time. A brief description of each type of professional service follows.

Application Development

Application development services are provided within the structure of an established development process which is based on the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and follows industry standard System Development Lifecycle methods. Application development services cover a broad spectrum that includes programming, business analysis, and project management services.

Project Management

COT employs staff that are skilled in project management and portfolio management tools and techniques. COT staff can assist agencies in selecting projects and managing their project portfolios. COT staff can also serve as the project manager for an entire project or for only those portions of a project for which COT has been given specific responsibility.

Infrastructure Consulting and Infrastructure Installation Services

COT can provide agencies with access to our various support staff on an hourly basis. This can be applied to a large number of support services (database support, network support, phone support, etc) that are not already covered by one of COT’s other rated services. This service is useful for customers who need to temporarily supplement their existing IT staff and do not want to hire a new resource.

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Service Rates and Descriptions:

CS10 - Application Development

CS20 - Project Management

CS40 - Consulting Support Services


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