Enterprise Server Processing

COT provides managed hosting solutions for mission-critical z/OS applications for State and local government agencies.

The most powerful computing platform at the Commonwealth Data Center is the IBM z10 Model 2098 z/OS enterprise server. This platform, along with accompanying support hardware, provides a complete system for a customer to execute batch or online transactions.

COT offers traditional on-line processing time using CICS or IMS.

Customer Information Control System (CICS) is a general-purpose mainframe based data communication system that supports a network of thousands of terminals. CICS provides an environment for the execution of on-line application programs, including interfaces to files and data base products.

Information Management System (IMS) is a database/data communication system that allows its customers to access IMS-defined databases through attached communication terminals. IMS controls the terminals and allows the customer to communicate with the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in a very high level programming language.

The processing that occurs on the z/OS enterprise server is charged back to the using agencies by sophisticated resource utilization software capable of tracking processor usage in milliseconds. Mainframe processing is aggregated by account number and charged back to the using agency in billing units, which are referred to as Central Processing Unit (CPU) hours or minutes.




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