Division of IT Operations

The Division of IT Operations consists of three Branches:

Infrastructure Support Branch

The Infrastructure Support Branch is responsible for the coordination of equipment within the Commonwealth Data Center and the Alternate Data Center and support for facilities that house COT staff. The Infrastructure Support Branch consists of staff with over 75 combined years of IT infrastructure experience along with a BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). Responsibilities include:

  • installation and removal of IT equipment within the facilities,
  • installation of infrastructure cabling, fiber and copper at both data centers,
  • space planning within the data centers to best utilize floor space, IT and electrical services,
  • monitoring electrical and HVAC distribution equipment installation and capacity loading including UPS systems,
  • providing assistance to Finance Facilities for future electrical and IT infrastructure upgrades,
  • providing space planning for COT staff workstations at COT and customer sites.

Operations Services Branch

The Operations Services Branch consists of two Teams:

Enterprise Monitoring Team

The Enterprise Monitoring Team provides monitoring of all systems housed on the 4th floor of the Commonwealth Data Center (CDC) per criteria provided by systems support and the customer, as well as the environmental conditions surrounding the physical equipment. OIS’ 24x7x365 monitoring also includes the Kentucky Emergency Warning System (KEWS). In addition, OIS also provides operational support for all systems housed on the 4th floor of the CDC, such as Initial Program Loads (IPLs), reboots, restarting services, dumping regions, stopping/starting databases, etc. The enterprise monitoring group provides operational support for disaster recovery, backups, and tape usage as well as maintains the z/OS automations tools such as CA Scheduler, NetView, and RDS. This team also provides help desk support during off hours, and maintains a contacts database for equipment housed on the 4th floor that provides pertinent information about each system.

Operations Services Team

The Operations Services Team provides production batch system support which includes operating batch cycles and providing troubleshooting support for such agencies as Department of Revenue, Workforce Development, Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), and Finance as well as others. The team provides 7x24x365 coverage of the monitored systems, including holidays as requested. Operations provide production print functions for the agencies we support which include the printing and distribution of high volume reporting from both the z/OS and network environment. Other responsibilities include providing production form development, implementation and updating which produces numerous documents used in communication with the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Production Services Branch

The Productions Services Branch consists of three Teams:

Automation Process Team

The Automation Process Team controls production batch z/OS-server automation utilizing Computer Associates (CA) scheduler utility software, which automates production job streams to eliminate the need for manual intervention to production job control language (JCL). This component also provides the ability to automate date and dataset name parameter changes for ease of submission.

Enterprise Batch Production Services Team

The Enterprise Batch Production Services Team supports statewide enterprise batch z/OS-server production processing for Executive Branch cabinets and agencies. Other responsibilities to customers include batch job submission, output verification, and report distribution (hardcopy and electronic) along with providing technical support in job control language (JCL), abend support, and media management services as needed.

Production Cutover (Windows, UNIX, World Wide Web and z/OS Batch) Team

Production Cutover (PCO) Team assists the UNIX/NT/Web server administration group in providing production cutover services in the implementation of server application roll-outs/upgrades as well as provides z/OS-server batch PCO services (JCL, documentation, programs, etc.) to support agencies in their day-to-day enterprise services.

z/OS Server Support Team

The z/OS Server Support Team is responsible for the IBM z/OS operating system and system-support-software for this platform. Support functions include operational and production control activities, basic database management, job scheduling, load balancing, capacity management, application installation, system configuration, upgrades/patch maintenance, intrusion prevention/detection, performance monitoring/alerting, change control, weekly backups and disaster recovery (hardware, and data back to the latest weekly backup) protection.

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Contact Information:

David Kincaid, Director
Division of IT Operations

(502) 564-8181
101 Cold Harbor Drive
Frankfort KY 40601

Bill Kidd, Assistant Director
Division of IT Operations

(502) 564-5752
105 Sea Hero Drive, Suite 3
Frankfort KY 40601

David Kincaid, Branch Manager, Acting
Infrastructure Support Branch

(502) 564-8181
120 Glenns Creek Road
Frankfort KY 40601

Dan Atkins, Acting Branch Manager
Operations Services

(502) 564-8731
101 Cold Harbor Drive
Frankfort KY 40601

Tommy Tackett, Branch Manager
Production Services

(502) 564-5751
275 E. Main Street
Frankfort KY 40601