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The Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) is committed to increasing the awareness of the need for sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically beneficial information technology (IT) practices across Kentucky State Government. As the central authority on IT for Kentucky, we consider ourselves a role-model for the rest of the state's IT partners as well as our citizens, businesses and other government entities.

COT's GreenIT page will serve as a gateway to information that anyone can access to understand what is currently being done to support the “Greening of Government” and where COT is going in the future to preserve the Bluegrass for generations to come.


4-1-1 Calls

To reduce telephone charges for your agency, please remind employees that 4-1-1 cost about $13.00 each time it is used and charges associated with this service can quickly escalate. Staff should exhaust all other options – such as yellowpages.com, whitepages.com, switchboard.com, local directories (phonebooks) – and use 4-1-1 only as a last resort. Every penny counts. Reducing the use of 4-1-1 can result in sizeable savings. Please implore employees to try all other options before using this costly feature.


Commonwealth Green IT Standards and Policy


Equipment Compliance and Industry Standards



Print only what you need when you need it. Electronic documents eliminate the need for many items to be printed to "keep a copy". The elimination of desktop printers also gives people pause before they print items. Al leading research organization suggests locating printers as far from people as possible to require staff to consider if it is truly worth the effort to print items out. The Enterprise Policy on State Agency Local Printing requiring printing to be done duplex (on both sides of the page) released in September 2008 is also starting to show benefit. Some areas of state government have decreased printing by upwards of 30% through policy compliance and awareness of the consequences on the budget and environment of unnecessary printing.


Server Consolidation

Server virtualization is an approach to the efficient usage of computer server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers of server locations that an organization requires. The practice developed in response to the problem of server sprawl, a situation in which multiple, under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than can be justified by their workload.

According to Tony Iams, Senior Analyst at D.H. Brown Associates Inc. in Port Chester, NY, servers in many companies typically run at only 15 to 20% of their capacity, which may not be a sustainable ratio in the current economic environment. Businesses are increasingly turning to server virtualization as one means of cutting unnecessary costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI) in the data center.

COT currently supports server virtualization as the norm at the Commonwealth Data Center (CDC) unless an application will not run in such an environment. We have cut our physical server presence at the CDC by more than 50% through the use of virtual servers. This cuts our electrical load, both to run the machines and to cool the CDC, maintenance and support costs, as well as the carbon footprint and natural resources required to replace the servers at the end of their life expectancy. From the economic perspective, COT will be spending considerably less on hardware, which will translate into savings that will be passed along to customer agencies, as well as increased reliability gains with failover business continuity capabilities that aren't easily achieved with the individual physical server model.


Staff Awareness and Education


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