Capital IT Projects

On odd numbered years, Kentucky’s executive branch agencies submit their requests for capital (>$1,000,000) projects for consideration to the Legislative Research Commission (LRC). LRC provides a listing of capital information technology projects for the Commonwealth Office of Technology to review to ensure that these requests maintain an enterprise focus on business value versus potential risk factors. This enterprise focus is supported by statues and administrative regulations that require:

  1. Agencies to create IT project descriptions and identify business goals for capital projects prior to authorization of funding.
  2. COT to review those capital projects from an enterprise perspective and report quarterly on implementation progress to the legislature's Capital Planning Advisory Board (CPAB).

 Capital Planning Links - 2020-2026

  • Capital Project Review Criteria 
    (Note: Weighting for each criteria will be added in February.  Also, COT forms used previously in project assessments are being revised and will soon be published to this page.)


Capital Planning Links - 2018-2024

Capital Planning Links - 2016-2022

Capital Planning Links - 2014-2020

Past Capital Planning Cycle - 2012-2018

KRS 42.720 - Commonwealth Office of Technology

The Commonwealth Office of Technology is governed by KRS 42.720 which states: "The General Assembly finds and declares that (1) The establishment of the position of the Executive Director of the Commonwealth Office of Technology, appointed by the Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet with the approval of the Governor, as the Commonwealth's single point of contact and spokesperson for all matters related to information technology and resources, including policies, standard setting, deployment, strategic and tactical planning, acquisition, management, and operations is necessary and in keeping with the industry trends of the private and public sectors."

KRS 45.818 - IT Capital Project Reporting

KRS 45.818 states "The Executive Director of the Commonwealth Office of Technology shall provide to the Capital Projects and Bond Oversight Committee at its January, April, July, and October regular meetings a status report on any information technology system not yet completed which received line item authorization by the Kentucky General Assembly or was authorized pursuant to KRS 45.760(7) as defined in KRS 45.750 excluding systems of an institution as defined under KRS 164.001. The committee shall prescribe data elements to be included in the quarterly status reports.

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Links to pertinent Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS 42.722: Definitions for KRS 42.720 to 42.742

KRS 42.724: Commonwealth Office of Technology

KRS 42.726: Roles, duties, and permissible activities for Commonwealth Office of Technology -- Duties of Archives and Records Commission and Department for Libraries and Archives not affected.

KRS 42.728: State agencies to assist Commonwealth Office of Technology -- Exceptions for judicial and legislative branches and retirement systems.

KRS 42.730: Executive Director of Commonwealth Office of Technology -- Roles and duties.

KRS 42.744: Outlines the Division of Geographic Information's role in maintaining an accurate and complete central statewide geographic information clearinghouse for official state use.

KRS 42.746: Outlines the Commonwealth Office of Technology's role in establishing a statewide planning and mapping system for public buildings for use by response agencies who are called to respond to acts of terrorism or emergencies.

KRS 42.630: Legislative findings regarding Geographic Information Systems.

KRS 42.650: Division of Geographic Information Systems -- Powers and duties -- Authority for administrative regulations.

KRS 48.810: Outlines the Commonwealth Office of Technology's role and duties for the development of a four (4) year strategic plan, including the publication of agency strategic plans and progress reports in an electronic database.

KRS 369.118: Outlines the Commonwealth Office of Technology's role in establishing standards for the acceptance and distribution of electronic records by governmental agencies.

KRS 369.119: Outlines the Commonwealth Office of Technology's role in establishing standards for consistency and interoperability of electronic records by governmental agencies.