Enterprise Web Design Template

The Components:

The Enterprise Web Design Template is made up of a number of "components", each with its own function, style and requirements. Each component varies in its allowance or creativity, with some being very restrictive to others allowing great latitude:

Enterprise Branding and Search Component
State Entity Branding (Banner) Component
Site Navigation Component
Breadcrumb Navigation Component
Content Area Component
State Entity Footer Component
Enterprise Footer Component


The Enterprise Web Design Template (EWDT) is recommended by the 7020 Design Standards:  "All externally-accessible web pages should use as their source the Enterprise Web Design Template.  All components of the template should use the source code as written in the supporting HTML and Cascading Style Sheets, except where noted below.  This standard facilitates enterprise wise uniformity and accessibility compliance."

The CSS Schemes:

By default, the WEDT uses two templates:  A "Standards CSS file" that enforces compliance with the 7020 Design Standards and a "Scheme CSS file".

While the EWDT defaults to the Blue scheme, you are not obligated to use the Blue scheme.  Feel free to change the scheme for your site, or create your own scheme ensuring accessibility to persons with disabilities.

Standards CSS file

Recommended Color Schemes:


Try the Blue Scheme                      Get the Blue Scheme CSS
Try the Slate Scheme                     Get the Slate Scheme CSS
Try the Green Tomatoes                Scheme Get the Green Tomatoes Scheme CSS
Try the Night Lights Scheme        Get the Night Lights Scheme CSS
Try the Brick Scheme                     Get the Brick Scheme CSS
Try the Plum Scheme                    Get the Plum Scheme CSS
Try the Green Scheme                  Get the Green Scheme CSS
Try the Ice Scheme                        Get the Ice Scheme CSS

All pages must link to the Standards CSS file at the location indicated in the source code of the EWDT.  You can link to one of the scheme files listed above, host the scheme file on your own server, or create your own scheme file ensuring accessibility to persons with disabilities.

 CMS Help:  Color Picker

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