Application Development Services

Application Development Enterprise Web Services

The Office of  Application Development (OAD) offers the following services on an Enterprise level:
  • Address Service: standardizes and validates address data to U.S. Postal Service (USPS) standards upon entry into agency applications and systems.
  • Death Verification Service: a tool that agencies can use  as a real-time web service or in batch processing mode to verify a person's death.
  • Geocoding Service: a subscription-based, real-time web service that allows a Commonwealth of Kentucky agency to transform an address into geocoded latitude and longitude coordinates.

Please visit the Application Development Enterprise Web Services web page for more information.


Application Design, Construction, Testing and Implementation Services

The Office of Application Development (OAD) has extensive expertise in the development, implementation and management of business applications. OAD provides the following services for Application Development Services for our customers:

  • Design the overall business and technical solution
  • Creation of detail business and technical specifications
  • Design of the user view or interface with the functionality requested
  • Enable “off the shelf” software to meet business needs
  • Provide application support documentation pertaining to system design, file structures, database descriptions, application control procedures, security requirements, back up & recovery procedures
  • Prepare data for use within the application, create governance processes and reporting solutions for data sharing and analysis.
  • Test the system for functionality and integration requirements
  • Assist the customer with user acceptance testing using specified acceptance test scripts in order to confirm and prove that the user’s needs, expectations and the system’s functional, performance and operational requirements are met 
  • Provide user documentation and training as needed
  • Deploy the application system to the production environment
  • Provide on-going system support and ad-hoc reporting

Service offerings use proven methodology with Industry Best Practices and Information Technology Standards. Technical capabilities include: Web site design, data modeling and database development, e-commerce solutions and content management systems. State of the art tools include: Java, .NET, COBOL, Telon, Rational, Mercury, AccVerify, WebInspect, Federated Server, Information Analyzer, QualityStage, DataStage, Erwin and Master Data Management.

When “Commercial Off the Shelf” software provides a better framework for the business needs of the customer, OAD staff becomes experts in the software so they can provide on-going support.


Data Support Services

Data is knowledge and the Agency's most prized and protected asset.  OAD has skilled staff and tools that enable our Customer to realize the true potential of their asset by: 
  • assisting customers in understanding and evaluating reliability of their data;
  • analyzing the customer's data needs and creating a conceptual, logical and physical Data Model;
  • cleansing, standardizing, or validating the customer's data using our experience with data analysis plus data correction software;
  • performing data conversion by moving data from current system to the new system; and
  • finding any merging duplicate data. 


Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Program

In partnership with the Finance and Administration Cabinet’s Office of the Controller, COT’s Data Intelligence Branch provides technical oversight of the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Program.
The FY17-18 per-user license rate is $350/year.  The rate includes the Business Objects license, infrastructure and support staff.  Each license holder has full access to the following software:
  • Business Objects Enterprise Platform
  • Crystal Reports
  • Web Intelligence (WEBI)
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Explorer
  • Mobile
  • Analysis for Office
  • Voyager
  • Design Studio
Agencies control access to their data, and provide a first level of contact for reporting technical issues.  For more information, please contact


Project Management Services

OAD provides project management services based on the industry standard guideline from the Project Management Institute's "Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK) as well as the Kentucky Project Management Framework.
Project Lifecycle Management
OAD has extensive project management skills, tools, and techniques.  Our staff serves as the Project Manager for entire projects or portions of a project.
Project Management Consulting, Training or Support
OAD Project Managers analyze and evaluate the customer's project, recommend and implement strategies to enhance project planning, monitoring, and control.
OAD Project Managers collaborate with the Agency Project Manager to develop a specific mentoring plan designed to advance a desired skill in a particular function or all the functions in the project life cycle process.
OAD Project Managers provide assistance to the Agency Project Manager by performing one or more functions within any phase of the project management process.

Quality Assurance and Other Support Services

OAD can provide Independent Verification and Validation Service by providing the following Quality assurance and application testing services:
  • Quality assurance:               
•review and audit application development projects and work efforts;
•facilitate lessons learned sessions; and
•conduct quality review assessments.
  • Performance testing
  • Website accessibility and compliance testing
  • Contractual accountability tracking


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