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The Kentucky Emergency Warning System (KEWS) is a highly survivable and redundant Public Safety microwave communications system carrying radio control, data, video, and voice traffic for government agencies. KEWS integrates the functions of several state agencies for use by state officials in emergency situations that require inter-agency communication and coordination. Such agencies include:

Kentucky State Police

Kentucky State Police (KSP) is our largest customer. With sixteen post locations throughout the Commonwealth, KSP utilizes the KEWS microwave for their state radio system which gives them the capability to communicate statewide. In addition each post has a local post radio system which is specific to the counties they serve. KEWS also provides phone services to each post consisting of a least two local centrex extension numbers and inter-post network line, which are used to place calls from post to post.

Mobile Data Network

Sharing information among first responders is a critical link in protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. KEWS implemented the IP Mobile Net data radio system which gives state and local law enforcement wireless computing capability.

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement

KEWS also provides radio communication services to the Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement (KVE), which has their main radio console and center of operations in Frankfort.

Department of Military Affairs, Division of Kentucky Emergency Management

With their headquarters based in Frankfort at the Boone National Guard Armory, the Department for Military Affairs/National Guard (DMA) and the Division of Kentucky Emergency Management (KyEM) have been long-standing customers of KEWS. To ensure effective communications unilaterally during an emergency, KEWS provides the links to make it possible for DMA, KyEM and other agencies to share a radio system that has 52 base stations throughout the Commonwealth. Additionally, KyEM has two highly important systems that are supported by the KEWS network:

  • The Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) and
  • The Integrated Flood Observing and Warning System (IFLOWS)

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has their main radio console located in Frankfort. KEWS provides radio links from their console to 31 radio base-stations throughout the Commonwealth. Officers and employees of Fish and Wildlife depend on these base stations to be operational.

Energy and Environment Cabinet, Division of Forestry

KEWS provides the Division of Forestry radio links to each of their 47 radio base stations divided among nine district offices. These radio links provide emergency and non-emergency communications.

Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

The Kentucky Educational Television (KET) Inter-City Relay (ICR) television network is a microwave radio system configured in 58 hops to provide simplex circuits for simultaneous distribution of three separate audio/visual programs from the Lexington-based production center to 15 educational television stations throughout the Commonwealth. It also provides separate simplex circuits for audio/visual program material to Lexington upon command from the production center.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC)

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has 38 radio repeaters in the state. KEWS provides the link from Frankfort Transportation Operation Center to all 38 remote repeaters. KYTC also has 12 highway district offices.

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