About the Office of the Chief Information Security Office (CISO)


Deputy Information Security Officer David J. Carter David Carter 
Chief Information
Security Officer

The Office of the Chief Information Security Office is responsible for IT security functions. The office works with the enterprise to establish the best security practices and risk management processes, and deploys strategies aimed at protecting and securing the Commonwealth’s data. The office also plays a major role in promoting security awareness.


Security Administration Branch:

Branch Manager: Melinda Sanford
The Security Administration Branch provides enterprise services such as identity and access management, business continuity coordination, security policies, and performing security reviews. The staff has a serious and sincere view of the importance of information security and it is their goal to actively promote the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Commonwealth of Kentucky data.

Risk and Compliance Management Branch:

Branch Manager: Elwyn Rainer, II
The Risk and Compliance Management Branch provides risk management and coordination of all IT audits to include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA), State and Special audits. The branch specializes in IT compliance areas and performs compliance reviews.

Security Operations Branch:

Branch Manager: Terry Terrell 
The Security Operations Branch monitors and protects the Commonwealth's network and mitigates incidents. This branch specializes in security monitoring, vulnerability scanning, forensics and threat management. Additionally, this branch maintains partnerships that include outside agencies to strengthen protection to the Commonwealth.

Please visit the "Security Services" web page for additional information.

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Contact Information:

Chief Information Security Office

David J. Carter, Chief Information Security Officer
(502) 564-8734

Elwyn Rainer, II, Branch Manager
Risk and Compliance Management Branch
(502) 782-1225

Melinda Sanford, Branch Manager:
Security Administration Branch
(502) 564-6375

Terry Terrell, Branch Manager:
Security Operations Branch
(502) 782-9122

669 Chamberlin Avenue
Frankfort, KY 40601