The Technology Advisory Council (TAC) began meeting in January, 2013 and is comprised of business, financial, and IT leadership representing executive branch cabinets. The TAC assists the CIO in appropriately aligning business requirements and technology investments while serving to improve coordination, accountability, and oversight of information technology across the executive branch of state government. It is a forum for agency input for the enterprise IT strategic plan, service level agreements, metrics for centralized services, and the review of Capital IT projects.

Related governance bodies include the following:

The Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) supports the enterprise perspective for governance. It defines architectural direction, maintaining IT standards, recommending revisions or new standards to the Commonwealth's CIO, and reviewing business case exceptions from agencies. The Enterprise Architecture and Standards support the technology vision and principles of the Commonwealth's Strategic Information Technology Plan and promote migration to enterprise solutions for reduced complexity and support.

The Kentucky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee was created to address communications interoperability, a homeland security issue which is critical to the ability of public safety first responders to communicate with each other by radio. The committee advises and makes recommendations regarding strategic wireless initiatives to achieve public safety voice and data communications interoperability.

The Kentucky Geographic Information Advisory Council advises the Commonwealth's CIO on issues relating to geographic information. It establishes policies and procedures to assist state and local jurisdictions in leveraging geographic information technology for improving public administration. Its knowledgeable membership promotes awareness, training, education, and works to create partnerships for the purpose of data sharing.

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