Meet the Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team

COT Deputy Commissioner Jim Barnhart Jim Barnhart
Acting Chief Information Officer

Acting Chief Information Office, Jim Barnhart, assists the organization with I.T. consolidation, governance and customer relations.

Since beginning his career at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as a Scientific Technical Assistant, Jim Barnhart has worn many hats. His repertoire includes General Manager, Systems Construction Manager, Systems Manager, Director, Deputy Executive Director, Executive Director and he currently serves as Acting Chief Information Officer with the Commonwealth Office of Technology. Jim’s extensive IT background and administrative qualities helps lead the Commonwealth Office of Technology to perform in a more effective and efficient manner.

Office of Application Development

The Office of Application Development (OAD) is responsible for the day to day management of the executive branch business information systems. The Office provides a wide range of services including project management; business process analysis and re-engineering; application development and maintenance; data analysis, modeling and cleansing; and application security and testing services. OAD consists of five Divisions:

  • The Division of Agency Application Development provides project management, systems analysis, and application development and support for new and legacy systems of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.
  • The Division of Data Management Services provides data support to customer agencies and application development staff for all projects and legacy systems. The division will assist with the creation and/or updating of data models; extrication, transformation and definition of customer data; and the creation of master data for business centric Commonwealth applications.
  • The Division of Development Support Services provides internal and external customers with development services such as application testing; management of test and development environments, management of application integration with enterprise upgrades; quality and audit services; and administrative support. The division will assist all development activities in ensuring applications meet quality standards; audit requests are managed appropriately, and test and development environments are securely administered.
  • The Division of Geographic Information collects, compiles, and facilitates the production of geospatial data for the Commonwealth. It is this Division's responsibility to be an active voice in leading the direction of GIS across state government through cabinet and agency engagements as well as participation in the Kentucky Geographic Information Advisory Council (GIAC).


Office of Enterprise Technology

Executive Director Roy Terry Roy Terry
Executive Director

Executive Director Roy Terry leads the Office of Enterprise Technology which is responsible for IT governance activities, long-term capital IT planning and enterprise IT project management within the executive branch. The office has two divisions:

  • The Division of Enterprise Architecture is responsible for mapping the conceptual blueprint of an organization's structure and operation. The EA full time core team works with executive leadership and the members of the extended domain teams to reduce redundancy, eliminate inefficiency, optimize or consolidate processes, and maximize the use of the Enterprise's resources.
  • The Division of IT Governance coordinates IT governance activities such as the facilitating of the Technology Advisory Council and the development of enterprise policies in addition to the preparation of enterprise procurement documents (RFI, RFB, RFP) and the review of similar documents for agency-level IT procurements. The division also supports the greater project management community within the Executive Branch through the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO). The EPMO is responsible for project portfolio management, the evaluation and tracking of IT capital projects, establishing enterprise project management policies, standards, and best practices, as well as mentoring, training and other services pertinent to IT project manages and state agencies.

Roy has served the Commonwealth Office of Technology in several critical roles including managing the Service Desk, establishing and managing the Division of Business Relationship Management (BRM's), and most recently as the Director of Implementation for the I.3 program. Prior to joining state government, Roy worked for the Rite Aid Corporation in Harrisburg, PA as Senior Human Resource Manager and Regional HR Director for Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and North Carolina. Roy is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He lives in Frankfort with his wife Christy and is the father of three boys.

    Office of Information Technology Service Management

    COT Deputy Commissioner Jim Barnhart Jim Barnhart
    Acting Chief Information Officer

    Acting Chief Information Office, Jim Barnhart, is leading the Office of Information Technology Service Management which is responsible for the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and support functions of the Commonwealth Office of Technology. This office has four Branches:

    • The Asset Management Branch is responsible for meeting the demands of IT users for hardware and software assets, tracking all IT assets for efficient use of the Commonwealth's resources, and ensuring the secure removal and disposal of surplus IT assets.
    • The Business Relationship Management Branch is responsible for managing and maintaining the quality of IT services delivered to customers by serving as a liaison between COT and the agencies.
    • The Change Management Branch ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of changes to the IT environment in order to minimize the impact on service.
    • The Customer Services Branch is responsible for facilitating the restoration of normal operational services with agreed service levels and business priorities, as well as responding to change requests and inquiries.

    Office of Infrastructure Services

    Deputy Executive Director Rick Woodruff Rick Woodruff
    Acting Executive Director


    Acting Executive Director, Rick Woodruff, leads the Office of Infrastructure Services which is responsible for the day-to-day technical support and operation of executive branch IT resources which includes the Commonwealth Data Center (CDC) and the Alternate Data Center (ADC). The OIS team oversees shared IT infrastructure resources and services, including large-scale computing, server hosting, desktop support, the Kentucky Emergency Warning System (KEWS), data and voice communication networks, and phone systems. The office consists of four divisions:

    • The Division of Communications provides effective, efficient, and secure data, voice, and video communications infrastructure for all of state government.
    • The Division of Field Services provides statewide support to end users of desktops, workstations, and mobile devices. Field Service Technicians use management tools and the latest technologies to minimize downtime for users. The Division of Field Services is customer focused and solution driven to provide client computing environments a stable, dependable operating platform.
    • The Division of IT Operations performs production services and maintenance, and monitors day-to-day operations of existing infrastructure services.
    • The Division of Technical Services is responsible for enterprise storage, Windows, UNIX, Linux and virtual server platforms, as well as enterprise system software, operating system support and data management.


    Chief Information Security Office


    Chief Information Security Officer Katrina LeMay David J. Carter
    Chief Information Security Officer

    David J. Carter, Chief Information Security Officer, leads the Chief Information Security Office which is responsible for IT security functions. The office works with the enterprise to establish the best security practices and risk management processes, and deploys strategies aimed at protecting and securing the Commonwealth’s data. The agency also plays a major role in promoting security awareness. The CISO is comprised of three branches:

  • The Security Administration Branch provides enterprise services such as network monitoring, incident handling and performing security reviews.
  • The Risk and Compliance Management Branch provides risk management and coordination of all IT audits to include the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, State and Special audits.
  • The Security Operations Branch monitors and protects the Commonwealth's network and mitigates incidents.


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