COT Fast Facts

Statutory Authorization: KRS 42.720 - 42.746; Updated August, 2013

COT Staff:

  • 547 filled full-time positions
  • 205 contractors (via hourly-based engagements)

COT Budget:

  • Enacted appropriations $73.2M in FY13
  • Generally, the COT budget is allocated as 60% personnel costs; 33% operation expenses; 6% capital outlay
  • COT receives no direct general fund appropriation

The Organization:

  • Oversees mailboxes for 38,000 users
  • 700,000 inbound messages before anti-spam filtering each day
  • 300,000 inbound messages after anti-spam filtering each day
  • 200,000 outbound messages each day
  • Support 8,000 desktops/laptops
  • Support 937 total servers(612 virtual and 325 physical)
  • Process 5,500 monthly requests for service through the COT service desk
  • Installed and maintains the Kentucky Emergency Warning System (KEWS) which is a statewide microwave radio network which provides communications for the Commonwealth’s Public Safety/First Responders. KEWS network supports:
    • radio communications for: Kentucky State Police, Department of Military Affairs, Fish and Wildlife Commission, FBI, Transportation Cabinet, Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, Forestry and others;
    • video transmissions for KET programs;
    • the National Weather Service; weather alert services- which send information to the weather radios owned by the citizens of the Commonwealth. Integrated Flood Observing and Warning System (IFLOWS) – which sends data about the amount and rate of precipitation in a given area so the NWS can predict and warn of flash floods;
    • the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) which is a 14 county warning/communication system used in the event of a chemical accident at the Blue Grass Army Depot.

Storage Capacity:

  • Network Attached Storage: 290 Terabytes
  • Storage Area Network: 536 Terabytes Local, 330 Terabytes Remote
  • z/OS Disk Storage: 35 Terabytes
  • z/OS Virtual Tape Server: 143 Terabytes (compressed)
  • Data Domain (disk backup) 180 Terabytes


  • An average of 683,000 packets of network traffic are system analyzed every second.
  • An average of 5,200 events daily are system generated that require additional investigation, many of which are related to a common system, user or computer.
  • Coordinate 12 Information Technology audits or more across 5 agencies each year.
  • An average of 1 security alert per month is sent to security officers and network administrators.

Geographic Information Systems:

  • Kentucky is considered to be in the top 5 in terms of GIS data and applications in the Nation.
  • Administers the Kentucky Aerial Photography and Elevation Data Program which will acquire new LiDAR and Imagery for the entire Commonwealth.
  • Deployed Stimulus Mapping Site that catapulted Kentucky from 47th to 2nd in the nation.
  • Deployed "Kentucky at Work" Transparency Mapping and received a number 1 national ranking and the only state that received an "A".
  • Continued Development and Maintenance of a world-class geospatial data warehouse for the Commonwealth.
  • Provide access to web mapping services that support a variety of applications such as the Commonwealth Map, the Mesonet Weather Mapping Viewer, and Water/Wastewater Utility Mapping.
  • Obtained grant funding to support quarterly geospatial data archiving from the Library of Congress.
  • Provide annual incorporated city boundary information to the US Census on behalf of all Kentucky cities.
  • Coordinates geospatial data updates with every Executive Branch Cabinet.

Application Development:

  • In Fiscal Year 2012:
    • 195,291 Kentucky Citizens received $1,081,256,721 in benefits through the Unemployment Insurance System (KEWES)
    • Collected $333,736,348 in statewide property tax from citizens registering their vehicles through the Vehicle Registration System (AVIS)
    • Collected $416 million total Motor Vehicle Usage tax collections via the Vehicle Registration System (AVIS)
    • Process about 3.1 million drivers licenses across 120 counties through the Drivers License System (KDLIS)
  • For Fiscal Year 2013:
    • Collected over $243 million year-to-date in taxes and permit fees for Commercial motor carriers through the Automated License and Taxation System (ALTS).

Network Management:

  • The Commonwealth’s MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) provides high speed, high availability connectivity (99.995%) for users in the Frankfort area utilizing a geographically diverse, redundant fiber optic ring technology for the transmission of voice, video and data for mission and business critical systems.
  • The Commonwealth’s WAN (Wide Area Network) provides over 3000 interconnected sites across the state including state agencies, libraries, local government, health departments and one hundred and seventy-four (174) school districts with over 1,243 schools.
  • COT manages 48 Firewalls protecting the data and intellectual assets for the Commonwealth


  • Redundant Avaya Aura Communication Managers at the Commonwealth Data Center (CDC) and the Alternate Data Center (ADC) provide a highly available phone system:
    • Capable of delivering phone service to 15,000 instruments
    • Projected deployment of 10,000 instruments by July, 2015
  • Avaya Aura Messaging for voice mail system
    • Desktop messaging enables users to receive their voice mail in their Outlook inbox
  • Avaya Soft-phone for laptops, iPads, and iPhones enable traveling to utilize the phone system with the same functionality as using their desk phone.
  • Extension to Cellular allows Executives and approved users to receive calls on their desk phone and cell phone simultaneously via a single telephone number (the user's desk phone number).
  • Toll avoidance capable of reducing long distance charges by sending calls across the data network.

Data Management Services:

  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server tools:
    • 10 developers on staff with 72 combined years of DataStage experience
    • Tools are used across the Finance Cabinet, DOR, CHFS, KYTC, PPC, and Education
    • 5TB of storage used
  • Business Glossary - enterprise vocabulary and classification:
    • 5048 terms in 266 categories imported from 15 mini-glossaries
  • Information Services Director - Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA):
    • Address certification web services processed over 1.75 million requests.
    • CHFS child support web services processed over 150,000 requests.
  • DataStage - enterprise integration, extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) and QualityStage - data cleansing, standardization, and matching:
    • 5937 jobs in 35 projects.
  • Information Analyzer - data profiling and data quality assessment:
    • 1037 tables profiled from 17 data sources in 9 projects
    • 515 GB profiling database
  • Federation Server - diverse data connectivity gateway:
    • 1879 tables from 33 data sources
    • 1.25 Terabyte database

Enterprise/Architectural Standards:

  • Enterprise Architectural Standards across 10 domains and 125 sub domains encompassing more than 300 IT products
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