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    As we strive to provide the best possible service to our agency partners and across the enterprise, COT's Enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) will be transitioned from HEAT to ServiceNow.  ServiceNow is a modern technology application that is simple, intuitive to use, flexible and easy to configure.  This will allow COT to build smarter, more efficient workflows and enhance our customer support experience.

  • COT Memo on Video Conferencing

    COT offers technical guidance and information to assist your agency in complying with Meeting Protocols for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  On-line meeting software is a platform of web-based intuitive products and COT has a few recommendations to help you select what will fit your conferencing needs.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform designed to provide a unified workspace for teams to work together. MS Teams integrates with other Microsoft services and offers multiple chat rooms or channel options to help keep team chats easy to follow, organized and efficient.

  • AD SelfService Plus

    Putting YOU in charge!

    Getting locked out of your Windows account may not happen often, but it can happen when you least expect it. Be prepared by registering for ADSelfService Plus, a new feature that puts YOU in charge of your Windows password. With ADSelfService Plus, you can unlock your account without calling the Commonwealth Service Desk for assistance. You can also change or reset your Windows password any time you wish - day or night!

  • ITSM Self-Service Portal

    COT launched the ITSM Self-Service Portal to allow customers in consolidated agencies the ability to report issues and track the status of existing tickets from our interactive, user-friendly website.  To view a short video on how to use the ITSM Self-Service, click here.

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The Primary Election was postposed from May 12th to June 23.