• Reorganization of the Finance and Administration Cabinet

    Governor Bevin's Executive Order 2017-0889 "Relating to the Reorganization of the Finance and Administration Cabinet" directs the Commonwealth Office of Technology to adopt a centralized information
    technology model in an effort to provide services in a more efficient manner
    and to promote information sharing and assist agencies in focusing on their mission rather than their operational issues.

  • Be Aware - Phishing Attempt!

    Some emails being distributed to users of the Commonwealth’s email service are NOT AUTHENTIC. Messages with the subject line “Your mailbox is full” or "IT help desk" or "KY (agency) Staff Email Notification" are phishing attempts.
    Do not open the message or click on the link contained within. Instead, delete it from your Inbox and Deleted Items.
    COT is working to mitigate the risk to the email system and to block the link; however, this will not prevent users from receiving the message. Never respond to any email with personal information including state account credentials.
  • AD SelfService Plus

    Putting YOU in charge!

    Getting locked out of your Windows account may not happen often, but it can happen when you least expect it. Be prepared by registering for ADSelfService Plus, a new feature that puts YOU in charge of your Windows password. With ADSelfService Plus, you can unlock your account without calling the Commonwealth Service Desk for assistance. You can also change or reset your Windows password any time you wish - day or night!

  • ITSM Self-Service Portal- September 1, 2016!!!

    COT launched the ITSM Self-Service Portal on September 1, 2016!  Customers in consolidated agencies are now able to report issues and track the status of existing tickets from our interactive, user-friendly website.  To view a short video on how to use the ITSM Self-Service, click here.

  • Employee of the Month Recognition

    Congratulations to Chris Stanley, Aaron Peterson and William Carlton for being recognized as COT’s Employees of the Month for April 2018!  Chris and Aaron worked to correct a disk corruption issue which caused the BHDID Hospital Admission Discharge Transfer System to go down. They worked steadfast on the system until the issues were resolved. William has been spending many hours developing the task sequences and imaging for the Windows 10 project. He has developed and implemented two new procedures which will save COT thousands of hours. He developed a “depot” image and an automated method for decrypting PCs. He also works with Dell routinely to get a standard image on any new computers we buy, eliminating the need to image them onsite.


Memorial Day (Monday) - STATE HOLIDAY/State Offices Closed

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM