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The Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) is committed to providing quality customer service. To this end, communication between COT and agencies is essential. Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) are available to assist agencies in using technology to achieve business goals. With communication as their primary focus, BRMs both promote COT services and serve as agency advocates.
As customer advocates, they understand the functions and responsibilities of their customer agencies and work to increase our employees' knowledge of each agencies' needs. Having extensive COT knowledge, they assist agencies in understanding how to meet business needs by leveraging relevant COT services and are empowered to facilitate issue resolutions. BRMs will also reach out to foster future partnerships with potential customers.
This partnership provides COT valuable business insight that promotes a better understanding of our customers' current and future needs.


Foster communications, collaboration and customer relations with existing and potential customers.  Educate COT employees on the agencies' functions, responsibilities and future plans.  Promote awareness of Commonwealth IT architectural standards and practices.  Market COT service offerings, including sharing information on existing statewide contracts.

Customer Benefits

Agency focused communications regarding COT services, capabilities, and issue resolutions.  Simplified interaction with COT and issue escalation.  Influence on future IT Enterprise Architecture and service offerings.

COT Benefits

Enhanced understanding and support of customer agencies, with increased customer satisfaction.  Earlier, streamlined involvement in agency IT initiatives.  Increased agency awareness of Enterprise Architecture, standards, and policies.

Business Relationship Managers

Cabinet/Agency Business Relationship Manager E-mail Telephone
Boards and Commissions View B&C Listing
Cabinet for Economic Development Jen Dales  502-382-8682
Cabinet for Health and Family Services Katie Cowherd 502-564-0105
Council on Postsecondary Education Sally Thornsberry 502-564-3022
County Clerk​ ​Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Circuit Clerk​ ​Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Department of Agriculture Ron Spencer 502-782-7550
Department of Corrections Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Department of Criminal Justice Training Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Department of Education Sally Thornsberry 502-564-3022
Department of Juvenile Justice Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Department of Military Affairs Matt Miles 502-782-5335
Department of Public Advocacy Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Department of Revenue Erica Russell  502-782-2492
Department of Veterans Affairs Matt Miles 502-782-5335
Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Sally Thornsberry 502-564-3022
Energy and Environment Cabinet Sally Thornsberry 502-564-3022
Finance and Administration Cabinet Erica Russell 502-782-2492
Homeland Security Todd Puckett 502-782-5362
Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
Kentucky State Police Greg Thomas  502-782-8762
Labor Cabinet Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
​​Legislative Research Commission ​Jen Dales Jen ​​502-382-8682
​Local Government ​Sally Thornsberry 502-564-3022
​Office of the Attorney General ​Matt Miles 502-782-5335
Office of the Secretary of State ​Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
​Office of the State Budget Director ​Matt Miles 502-782-5335
​Personnel Cabinet ​Ronald Spencer 502-782-7550
​Public Protection Cabinet ​Matt Miles 502-782-5335
​PVA​ ​Erica Russell ​502-782-2492​
State Board of Elections ​Greg Thomas 502-782-8762
​Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet ​Ron Spencer 502-782-7550
Transportation Cabinet Todd Puckett 502-782-5362
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Agency Contacts:

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