COT Alerts

collapse Issuing Year : 2020 ‎(2)
Gift Card Scam9/17/2020527 KB
Critical Microsoft Vulnerability1/17/2020509 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2019 ‎(3)
Amazon Gift Card Scam4/9/2019461 KB
Fraudulent DocuSign Emails1/24/2019114 KB
Accepted Use of State Accounts1/24/201988 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2018 ‎(5)
Survey Scam Email (5)8/17/2018109 KB
Extortion Email Warning7/18/201888 KB
Phishing Email with Malicious Link7/11/2018112 KB
DocHub Phishing Email2/14/2018385 KB
New Year Begins with Phishing Campaign1/11/2018124 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2017 ‎(4)
Malicious Email Attachment Reported8/14/2017227 KB
Phishing Emails - Diligence Needed6/1/2017415 KB
Phishing Email Campaign Continues3/28/201795 KB
Malicious Email Attachment2/1/2017293 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2015 ‎(3)
Full Mailbox Phishing Email10/12/201571 KB
Sophisticated Phishing Emails9/16/201570 KB
Potential Scams After Anthem Data Breach2/9/201573 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2014 ‎(10)
Microsoft OLE Vulnerability10/23/201456 KB
Google Sunset on SHA-1 Certificates9/24/201484 KB
Phishing Email Attacks9/3/201467 KB
Out-of-Date ActiveX Blocking in Internet Explorer8/15/201476 KB
Samba Vulnerability8/5/201451 KB
Apple iTunes Phishing Email7/28/201469 KB
KULUOZ Botnet6/3/201451 KB
Critical SharePoint Update5/16/201469 KB
OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability5/1/201469 KB
Web Browser Vulnerabilities4/30/201477 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2013 ‎(10)
Ransomware Threat11/7/201390 KB
Reported Vishing Attempts10/18/201380 KB
No alerts at this time6/7/201378 KB
Statement on Tuesday’s network interruption5/8/201387 KB
Network incident resolved5/7/2013168 KB
Outlook Issue Resolved4/23/2013166 KB
Outlook Exchange4/22/201390 KB
FBI.Cybercrime Division Ransomware3/22/201391 KB
Income Tax Themed Phishing Emails3/18/201356 KB
Site Blocks due to Malicious I-Frame2/21/201350 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2012 ‎(22)
Malicious Email Caution 212/17/201232 KB
Seasonal Malicious Activity Awareness12/7/201236 KB
Recent Phishing Attempts11/8/2012172 KB
Malicious Email Caution9/21/201272 KB
Java 7 Zero-Day Vulnerability8/31/201286 KB
Visa Gift Card Malicious Emails7/30/2012134 KB
Deadline Approaches for DNSChanger-Infected Hosts7/6/2012217 KB
Dell Computer Discount July 4th Flyer6/28/20121012 KB
Phishing Email Reminder6/5/201262 KB
The Risk of Default Credentials5/30/2012220 KB
Deadline for Remediation of DNSChanger-Infected Hosts5/29/2012221 KB
Microsoft Security Bulletins for April 20124/11/2012164 KB
Persistent Phishing Attack3/20/2012136 KB
Update on Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-0203/16/2012249 KB
Microsoft Security Bulletins for March 20123/15/2012165 KB
Microsoft Security Bulletins for February 20122/15/2012243 KB
pcAnywhere Vulnerability Update2/1/2012145 KB
Symantec Advisory Issued1/27/2012208 KB
Scam Phone Calls1/19/2012220 KB
Microsoft Security Bulletins for January 20121/11/2012169 KB
Adobe Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities1/11/2012181 KB
NET Vulnerabilities1/3/2012178 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2011 ‎(10)
Black Friday Specials11/23/201133 KB
Microsoft Vulnerability Related to Duqu Malware11/4/2011163 KB
MySQL Site Security Breach9/27/2011142 KB
Hackers Vow to Take Down Facebook8/11/2011389 KB
GotSource17/14/201113 KB
SQL Injection Attacks6/22/2011100 KB
State Journal Ad Server Infection5/12/201192 KB
Bin Laden-Themed Phishing Emails5/3/2011196 KB
Web Site Defacement4/5/201156 KB
Phishing Emails Present Hazard to Email System and Data3/15/2011122 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2010 ‎(16)
Seasonal Scam Awareness11/30/201067 KB
Vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox10/27/201025 KB
New Tactics in Phishing Emails10/13/201027 KB
Mailbox Limit Phishing Emails10/4/201026 KB
ASP.NET Vulnerability9/23/201027 KB
DLL Load Hijacking8/27/201044 KB
User Awareness of Phishing Emails8/9/201032 KB
Emails with Infected Attachments7/19/201016 KB
Email Scam HTK4S virus7/13/2010333 KB
Malicious Emails Arriving in State Inboxes6/25/201018 KB
Vulnerability in Multiple Adobe Products6/8/201029 KB
Email Phishing Responders5/5/2010139 KB
KY Broadband Public Survey3/24/201077 KB
Internet Explorer Vulnerability - Urgent1/21/201057 KB
Internet Explorer Vulnerability1/15/201055 KB
Haitian Earthquake Relief Fraud Alert - Urgent1/14/201047 KB
collapse Issuing Year : 2009 ‎(28)
Microsoft IIS 0 Day Vulnerability in Parsing Files12/28/200934 KB
Spam with Illegal Images of Children12/21/200928 KB
Infected H1N1 or IRS Spam12/3/200929 KB
Oversize Mailbox Phishing Email10/29/200933 KB
Phishing Scam Awareness8/24/200931 KB
Windows Workstation Service Vulnerability8/12/200931 KB
Microsoft Out-of-Band Security Bulletins7/28/200930 KB
Celebrity News is Malware Bait6/26/200930 KB
Webmail Phishing Scam6/12/200933 KB
Webmail Phishing Email - Urgent5/27/200931 KB
Adobe Vulnerabilities5/14/200931 KB
Swine Flu or H1N1 Related Malicious Emails4/30/200941 KB
Hoax CCU Calls4/24/200931 KB
Resurgence of Spam Calls4/20/200931 KB
VMware Vulnerability4/7/200935 KB
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