How do I remove my email account from an Android mail app.?

1.  After the user downloads and installs the Outlook App, configures the app for email and MFA successfully, the native mail app will stop working

2.  The user will encounter a notification message asking for the password for Exchange

3.  This notification is coming from the settings of the native mail app
4.  Refer to the tab to the right “How do I save Android contacts to Outlook contacts?”
5.  After the contacts have been saved, continue
6.  Tap <Settings>
 settings logo.jpg

7.  Tap <Cloud and Accounts>
cloud and accts logo.jpg
8.  Tap <Accounts>
 Accounts circled logo.jpg

9.  Tap on your email account
 fname and lname circled log.jpg

10.  Tap <Remove Account> button
 exchange logo long.jpg











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