Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) on External Office 365 Access

The Commonwealth Office of Technology is enhancing security by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on external access to Office 365 resources.  MFA is an industry-accepted practice of requiring an additional item of security in addition to a user name and password when accessing resources outside of the protected Commonwealth network.  This enhanced protection will apply to all Office 365 components, including Email, SharePoint, and One Drive.  This additional step will be required for all access when you are not connected to the Commonwealth network.  If you are connected to the Commonwealth network via VPN or using KY-Secure, you will not be prompted for MFA.
Once enabled, users will be prompted to register for multi-factor authentication and pick one of two methods of multi-factor delivery allowed:
·        SMS Text Messaging
This will text the multi-factor token code within a SMS text message, which will have to be entered in order to access Office 365.  Standard messaging rates will apply if applicable on the user’s wireless plan.

·        Voice Calling
This will call the number provided by the user during registration and provide the multi-factor token code verbally.
This process will have to be repeated every 30 days.  It is important to note, once MFA is enabled, tablets and all telephone devices will be required to use the Microsoft Outlook application in order to access state email.  The built in email application will no longer function properly.
For information regarding the setup of MFA, please refer the MFA Setup User Guide that is located on this page.

Should users experience any issues or if there are any questions, please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk ( or by calling 502-564-7576 or 1-800-372-7434.





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