About the Office of Information Technology Service Management (OITSM)

Deputy Commissioner Jim Barnhart Jim Barnhart
Acting Chief Information Officer

The Office of Information Technology Service Management is responsible for the processes that support the planning, delivery, operation and control of COT's IT Services.  OITSM strives to develop and implement processes that adhere to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and other best practices.


The Office of Information Technology Service Management consists of four branches: 

Asset Management Branch

Branch Manager: Tara Mefford

The Asset Management Branch is responsible for meeting the demands of IT users for hardware and software assets, tracking all IT assets for efficient use of the Commonwealth's resources, and ensuring the secure removal and disposal of surplus IT assets.

Please visit the "Asset Management" web page for more information.


Business Relationship Management Branch

Branch Manager: Greg Thomas

This branch is responsible for managing and maintaining the quality of IT services delivered to customers by serving as a liaison between COT and the agencies. The branch seeks to improve the quality of service by monitoring current metrics, negotiating with customers, facilitating service improvement plans, planning for service growth and new technologies, and reviewing the cost of services with customers.

Please visit the "Business Relationship Managers" web page for more information.


Change Management Branch

Branch Manager: Sean McClure

This branch ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of changes to the IT environment in order to minimize the impact on service.

Please visit the "Change Management" web page for more information.


Customer Services Branch

Branch Manager: Judy Dickerson

The Customer Services Branch is responsible for facilitating the restoration of normal operational services with agreed service levels and business priorities, as well as responding to change requests and inquiries. The Commonwealth Service Desk and State Operators are the central point of contact for all IT requests.

Please visit the "Commonwealth Service Desk" web page for more information.

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Contact Information:

Office of Information Technology Service Management

Jim Barnhart, Acting Chief Information Officer
(502) 564-7777

Tara Mefford, Manger
Asset Management Branch
Greg Thomas, Manager
Business Relationship Management Branch
(502) 782-3771

Sean McClure, Manager
Change Management Branch
(502) 782-9597

Judy Dickerson, Manager
Customer Services Branch
(502) 782-9536

Office Locations:

101 Cold Harbor Drive
Frankfort, KY 40601

101 Twin Oaks Circle
Frankfort, KY 40601