Unlock an account from an Internet browser

From an Internet browser, visit the MyAccount Portal  
Select "Unlock Account."


Left side image


On the "Unlock Your Account" screen, you will need to type in your Windows Active Directory user name, then choose the domain from the drop-down list.

Type the green CAPTCHA security code and select "Continue."



You will be require to answer the three security questions you answered when you registered. Type the answers and select "Continue."  Answers are not case sensitive.

Notice the timer in the upper right corner. You have 5 minutes from the time this page loads to complete this step.  If the timer expires, the page will change and let you know to try again.



What if I forget the answers to my security questions?


Once the questions are answered correctly, select "Continue." You will proceed to an "Unlock Account" screen.

Select the "Unlock Account" button to complete the unlock process.
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If you forgot the answers to the questions, or if those you provided are rejected, please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk and ask for a password reset.

If you try to unlock your account when it is not currently locked, you will receive the error shown below, letting you know that you do not need to unlock your account:

Warning graphic

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