Registration instructions

How do I access the registration page for ADSelfService Plus?
Click this link to access the MyAccount Portal.

What is a User Name?
Your User Name is the account most commonly used to log into your computer at the Windows login screen and is sometimes called an Active Directory (AD) account, User ID or Network Account.  

Self-Service feature 

Log in with your User Name in the "Sign In" section on the right side of the page.  Make sure to also choose your domain from the drop down list. Though it can vary, your domain is likely associated with the cabinet in which you work (i.e. "FIN" for the Kentucky Finance & Administration Cabinet).

CAPTCHA is used to increase account security.
Refresh CAPTCHA option: Should you have trouble reading the CAPTCHA code, you can change it by selecting the   refresh icon (green circling arrows) to generate a new code.

Make sure to type the green security code (CAPTCHA) in the field below it.  This code is not case sensitive. 
Finally, select "Login".


Once you log in, you will see a welcome prompt. 

Select "OK."

Please remember your answers, as they are vital for using this service.
Select "Save" after providing the security answers.


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