Resetting your Windows password

Follow these instructions to reset your password:

From an Internet browser, log in to the ADSelfService Portal ( 
Select "Reset Password" option.   
On the "Reset Your Password" page, you will need to type in your Windows AD username, and then choose the domain from the drop-down list.
Type the green CAPTCHA security code and select "Continue."

reset pwd img

You will be asked to answer the security questions you provided when you registered. Type the answers and select "Continue."  Answers are not case sensitive.

questions img 

Notice the timer in the upper right corner of the box.
You have 5 minutes from the time this page loads to complete this step. If the timer expires, the home page will load and you will need to restart the process.

If you forgot the answers or if those you provided are rejected, please contact the Commonwealth Service Desk and ask for a password reset.

Once the questions are answered correctly, you will proceed to a password reset screen.



Click here for password complexity requirements


Type your new password and confirm it, making sure it meets the password requirements listed on the page.  You have 5 minutes to complete this operation before the page expires.

Select "Reset Password" when complete.

Check for a “Password Reset Acknowledgement” email from in your inbox. It should say “You have successfully reset your password using MyAccount Portal”.

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