Unlock from Windows Prompt

Most users will be able to access ADSelfService Plus right from the Windows login prompt.

How to determine if an administrator has installed the desktop client on your machine:
After pressing “CTRL + ALT + DEL,” check the logon prompt.

  • Look for “Reset Password / Unlock Account” link as shown below. If it’s there, then you have the desktop client on your computer and you can start ADSelfService Plus from the Windows login prompt.

If you walk away from your computer for several minutes during this process, the computer will lock.
If you are unable to log into this screen, you can use the "Reset Password/Unlock Account option" below the Password field.


Domain img

You may also see the "Reset Password / Unlock Account" from different screens of the Windows login: 

Choose img 

 If you need to reset your password or unlock your account, select the appropriate option from the Windows login prompt:

Reset-unlock img


Unlocking your account

Reset your password

What if I forget the answers to my security questions?

If you are unable to log into the portal, you can call the Commonwealth Service Desk for a password reset or unlock your account.


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