AD SelfService Plus

Don't wait until you are locked out!

If you have ever been locked out of your Windows account after three consecutive failed password attempts, you have experienced that helpless feeling knowing that you are losing valuable work time until someone else can reset your password.

But thanks to a new service from Commonwealth Office of Technology, you can reset your own Windows password or unlock your account in just minutes without help from anyone.

Introducing AD SelfService Plus

AD SelfService Plus can get you back in your locked Windows account quickly and easily without assistance from a Commonwealth Service Desk technician. The service is always available and can be accessed from any supported browser* on any Internet connection, regardless of your location. 

Our agency deployed ADSelfService Plus this year because we know how frustrating it can be to experience a locked Windows account, especially after hours or when critical work assignments are on the line..

With ADSelfService Plus, you can unlock your account without calling the Commonwealth Service Desk for assistance. You can also change or reset your Windows password any time you wish to do so – day or night.

  • No more service desk calls for locked accounts!
  • Get back to work faster!

Who can use ADSelfService Plus?
Any Commonwealth of Kentucky employee with an e-mail address ending in is eligible to use ADSelfService Plus.

How do I use ADSelfService Plus?
Most employees will be able to unlock their account directly from the Windows login prompt by following a link and answering a few security questions. Those who do not see the link can navigate to the ADSelfService Web portal via an Internet browser from another computer. The portal can be accessed from any supported browser* on any Internet connection, regardless of your location.

How do I register?
You must register for an ADSelfService account before attempting to use the service for the first time. You can’t wait until your account is locked before you decide to register. Registration is easy, and takes only a few minutes.

Can I use the ADSelfService Plus app?
A third-party ADSelfService Plus mobile application is available in both the Apple Store and on Google Play. The Commonwealth does not offer support for the app, so use it at your own risk.

Register today!
To get started, follow this link to access the AD SelfService Plus registration instructions.
I have read the instructions, take me to the registration page.


Registered users
Accessing ADSelfService Plus to unlock an account

Quick links
Change a password
Reset a password

Contact the Commonwealth Service Desk if you are unable to use these features:


*Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, Netscape 7.0 and above, Mozilla 1.5 and above, Firefox 1.5 and above, and Safari 5.0 and above.

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Locked out? Registered users click here to access the AD SelfService Plus My Account Portal