Asset Management

The Asset Management Branch includes six major functions - Asset Provisioning, Asset Receiving, Asset Database, Asset Disposal, Software Asset Management, and VIP Billing. This Branch tracks assets throughout their useful life. COT’s IT assets are valued at over 60 million dollars.

Asset Provisioning is responsible for the coordination of all requests for COT purchases, leases, and invoices for hardware, software, training, or any other IT related order. The orders are tracked from the initial request; through COT/Exceptions approvals; to the receipt of the equipment. This group also coordinates all COT Task Orders.

Asset Receiving starts the process of tracking all COT hardware and software assets throughout the Commonwealth. This group makes the initial entry into the Asset Database. This database is used to track assets including Computers, Printers, Network Equipment, Servers, Storage Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment, Mainframe Equipment, and all associated Software. All additions, changes, and removals are tracked by the Asset Database group.

The Asset Disposal group is responsible for handling equipment that has reached the end of its life cycle. A determination is made to surplus the equipment, send it to recycling through our E-Scrap process, or donate it to other agencies. We also recycle wireless equipment and participate in the Cell Phones for Soldiers initiative.

Software Asset Management is responsible for tracking all Software purchases for COT, Software Maintenance Agreements, and Enterprise License Agreements. This group performs software audits to ensure that COT is not at risk for penalties associated with software licensing, usage, and compliance.

VIP Billing is responsible for billing all state agencies for COT Rated Services. The VIP Database is updated daily and monthly for all adds, removes, and changes to desktop support services (computers and printers), email accounts (basic and enhanced), desktop faxing, virtual private network and other remote access tools, Voice Over IP (VOIP), and server support services.

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Contact Information:

Tara Mefford, Branch Manager
Asset Management Branch

101 Twin Oaks Circle
Frankfort KY 40601