Exceptions, Modifications and Additions to Kentucky Information Technology Standards

Agencies requesting the purchase of products and services outside the parameters of the Kentucky Information Technology Standards (KITS) must, regardless of cost, develop an exception business case supporting their request. There are three instances when agencies may require an exception to KITS:

Exception Request: A KITS Exception Request is a request to temporarily deviate from the KITS to satisfy a compelling business requirement. If the request is not for a short-lived (12 months) requirement, a Modification or Addition to KITS is probably a better choice.

Modification Request: A KITS Modification Request is a request to modify an existing KITS. Normally this will be to add a technology product, delete a technology product or to modify the specifications/descriptions of a technology product (including life-cycle dates such as sunset or versioning milestones) to ensure KITS reflects the installed and planned Commonwealth technology base. A Modification Request may also be made, in some circumstances, to tailor the FEAF taxonomy to conform to Commonwealth of Kentucky practice. (To tailor FEAF, consult the Division of Enterprise Architecture). A Modification Request may be used to request the deletion/removal of an existing KITS.

Addition Request: A KITS Addition Request is a request to add a new standard to the KITS. These additions will require the proper identification of the reference model to be cited (Business Reference Model - BRM, Application Reference Model - ARM, Infrastructure Reference Model - IRM, Data Reference Model - DRM, Performance Reference Model - PRM, and/or Security Reference Model – SRM).

*NOTE:  All Open Source products requested will follow the Open Source Request Process illustrated here and per AGENCY CONTACT MEMORANDUM #2016-0603.

An electronic form has been developed for use in documenting the business case for an exception/modification/addition to KITS. The business case must develop specific justification for the temporary procurement of non-compliant IT products and/or services. The justification must make a strong and compelling business case of why the purchase is in the best interest of the Commonwealth. A paper form is also included for those who have problems accessing the eForm. These forms are to be used for all requests for exceptions to KITS

The request will be electronically routed for approval by the agency’s highest ranking IT officer (or their designee) and submitted to KITS Coordinator. Designated approval authority for agencies (Agency Contact listing) is maintained by the Office of lT Services and Delivery. Upon receipt,  KITS Coordinator will review and respond to request (in most cases) within five (5) business days.​​
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Exception / Modification / Addition Request Form

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